Tehran hosting intl. exhibitions on environment, waste management

February 26, 2022 - 17:10

TEHRAN – The 3rd International Exhibition on Waste Management, Recycling, Municipal Services, and Related Industries (IWEX 2022) and the 19th International Exhibition on Environment opened on Saturday at Tehran Permanent International Fairground.

The exhibitions will be running until March 1.

Waste production is an integral part of urban life, which is turning into a huge problem that will first and most hurt those who produced them.

Although urbanization has affected human society and created many problems in both developed and underdeveloped countries, the developed ones have a plan for waste management and recycling a large part of it, and underdeveloped countries leave waste in nature, which will be the detriment of the environment and their health.

Per capita waste production in European countries is 300 to 350 grams, and in Iran, it is 700 grams and sometimes up to one kilogram, which unfortunately a very small part of it is separated and recycled.

With an average per capita of 700 grams to 1 kg, Iranians produce more than 50,000 tons of waste per day, which is basically twice the world standard.


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