An interview with Fardin Arish by Zeinab Zare Chaharmandan

The Storm Came and Took us

March 15, 2022 - 18:53

Many stories and incidents have happened from when this mysterious and uncontrollable virus first began to spread over the world, until now that it has gotten weaker.

“The Storm Came and Took us” is one of the most recent books about COVID-19, in which the author has tried to tell the story of those first dark days from the perspective of people who were constantly involved with Corona and its difficulties. Fardin Arish, a professional journalist, is the young author of this book, which is his first, and contains 20 stories about 20 public movements during COVID peaks. It’s about people who risked their lives voluntarily during the Corona crisis to relieve the burden on the people and country and reduce public stress levels. This book has been published by Soore Mehr publication. 

* Give a brief overview of the book. What inspired you to write this book, and how did you find these people?

The searching and interviewing were done by my friends at the Institute of Oral History. The initial plan was to narrate the stories of people who participated in volunteer initiatives during the early days of the pandemic, so the interviewers went to hospitals, mask production factories, mortuaries and talked to more than 100 people.

* So, the interviewers were in danger too?

Yes, and one of the main features of this book is that the narrations of the crisis are at the time of its occurrence, and it’s not a post-pandemic narrative. 

* What, in your opinion, is the most distinguishing feature of people who voluntarily risk their lives to help in a crisis?

When Corona began to spread in our country, the extent of the disease was unclear, as was the way to deal with it, but these people possess a unique sense of humanity and face the crisis with a combination of courage and fear.

* Which of the different stories in this book do you believe is the most effective?

I believe the one that narrates the story of a woman who volunteered to wash the bodies of those who died as a result of the virus.

* What inspired you to choose this title for the book?

In one of the stories, a lady doctor mentioned that at the beginning of the COVID, they wanted to do something with the dangerous waves, such as surfing, but instead, a storm came and took us all. Sometimes the elders who have experienced the war claim that if there is another war, fewer people will be ready to protect the country, but reading this book proves them wrong, and we can still hope for a sense of compassion and brotherhood.

* Are you working on any other books right now?

I’m working on two other books that are also documentation, as I believe reality is the most valid source to write. 


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