Iranian president vows to support knowledge-based activities

April 3, 2022 - 21:24

TEHRAN - President Ebrahim Raisi, who had recently visited Khorasan Razavi province, said his government supports knowledge-based activities in accordance with the instructions of Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei

“I personally support innovation in processes and facilitating the role-playing of knowledge-based companies in the field of economics and will not allow knowledge-based actors to be caught up in administrative and organizational complexities.”

Speaking in a gathering of knowledge-based ecological actors in the province, the president added, “We believe that what the Leader of the Islamic Revolution declares as a slogan is a serious need of the country and in fact an agenda for all institutions.”

“Solving the problem of unemployment, achieving economic and political independence and national dignity depend on the prosperity of production,” the president said, emphasizing the vital role of production in the country's economy.

“Last year, the focus of the year was that what hinders production should be removed and production should be supported with all facilities. This year, we are talking about the fact that job creation and solving the problem of unemployment depends on the prosperity of production,” Raisi pointed out.

Economic stability and reducing the economy's vulnerability to external shocks, according to Raisi, are dependent on the development of knowledge-based and sustainable production. “Our national economy must be strong and stable so that shocks do not cause economic actors to feel unstable.”

Raisi also emphasized the importance of legal and administrative support for knowledge-based companies, saying, “Facilitating the issuance of licenses and allocating suitable space to knowledge-based companies is a proper demand that should not become an obstacle to knowledge-based activities.” 

The president underlined that knowledge-based manufacturing enterprises can both generate employment and contribute significantly to the country's economic independence.

He added, “The transfer of projects by government agencies to knowledge-based companies is a right demand.”

Referring to his frequent provincial visits during his seven-month presidency, Raisi said attempts should be made to tap the potential of creative individuals across the country.

“I have experienced that we have many elites in the provinces.” 

The president underscored that if knowledge-based firms are to emerge, the procedures must first be reformed.

The Leader has insisted on knowledge-based companies in the new Iranian calendar year 1401 that began on March 21.
“In the 1401 budget, we laid the foundation for justice. Accordingly, we have made spatial management the focus of our work” Raisi said.

The president added, “In some provinces, such as Khorasan Razavi, there are several science and technology parks that there should be a center in this field to create a mechanism in the type of management and facilities can be attracted and distributed fairly.”

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