By Zahra Samimi

Asymmetrical guerrilla war against S. Arabia have been successful: ex-Senate candidate

April 9, 2022 - 18:19

TEHRAN - A former U.S. Senate candidate says that asymmetrical warfare waged by a movement that persists in defending its country showed the competence of its architects.

“The war in Yemen illustrates that asymmetrical warfare waged by an ideologically committed and indigenous movement dedicated to defending a country and homeland from foreign predators with superior military assets but an incompetent military and political leadership is destined to be successful,” Mark Dankof tells the Tehran Times.

“Whoever directed operations in the Aramco attack understands the significance of destroying assets of premier economic and logistical significance as a prelude to sapping military and political will and strength,” Dankof adds.
The following is the text of the interview:

Q: How do you read the recent Yemeni attacks on Aramco? Saudi Arabia is armed with American weapons and missiles. How could a poor nation like Yemen with the lowest level of military power penetrate deeply inside the country?

A: The war in Yemen illustrates that asymmetrical warfare waged by an ideologically committed and indigenous movement dedicated to defending a country and homeland from foreign predators with superior military assets but an incompetent military and political leadership, is destined to be successful. In this context, the French and American failures in South Vietnam and the more recent American catastrophe in Afghanistan are additional classic examples. 

Whoever directed operations in the Aramco attack understands the significance of destroying assets of premier economic and logistical significance as a prelude to sapping military and political will and strength.

In their temporarily successful military attack on the American Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor in December of 1941, Japan destroyed many American battleships of outdated vintage. It left the American dry docks and oil storage tanks intact. Historians and military tacticians now recognize that to have been a colossal and ultimately fatal blunder. 

Yet, by comparison, the architects of Yemen's asymmetrical guerrilla war of defense against Saudi Arabia have been infinitely more successful than the Japan of 1941 with its awesome air, sea, and aerial forces of that time. This fact, and the refusal of the people of Yemen to surrender despite horrendous losses, is the difference. 

Q: Why do the Western mainstream media classify the Yemeni response to the Saudi raids as aggression while consider Ukraine's response to Russia's military operation legitimate self-defense? Isn't it a double standard?

A: Certainly it is a double standard. In the first place, Western mainstream media is comprised of what Paul Craig Roberts terms the "presstitutes." These people will report whatever the Zionist-Globalist monolith controlling Western governments wants reporting, regardless of how absurd, unfair, or outrageous it is. The notion that Yemen is the aggressor in the war with Saudi Arabia is absolutely unsustainable. 

“There is absolutely no moral justification for what is clearly genocidal (in Yemen).”
And in the case of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, it is Russia that had no choice but to invade in order to protect itself from the ongoing attempt to utilize NATO to encircle it since 1997, followed by the American/EU coup d’état in Kyiv in February of 2014. The West says it wants "democracy" in Ukraine, which it defines as overthrowing the legitimate and elected government in Kyiv 8 years ago, followed by the actions of the subsequent Western puppet regime there which took 14,000 lives in the Donbass over that period of time while completely ignored the Minsk accords it had agreed to with Moscow. 

I have a close American friend with Press TV connections who is absolutely confused about this. He wrote me recently to express his "disappointment" that I was backing "evil Putin" in this conflict. He sent me a Washington Post article on Orthodox priests expressing an anti-Putin viewpoint and taking issue with the Russian Orthodox Patriarch Karill in Moscow failing to condemn his country's President. I responded:

Jim Jatras could tell you all about the CIA-NED payoff of $25 million to Bartholomew II of Istanbul/Ukraine:
I believe the Washington Post story you send along must be evaluated in light of what Jatras explains about the way this works, where the Orthodox primate in Istanbul began interfering for the CIA in something he had and has no ecclesiastical jurisdiction over in Ukraine.

The ultimate irony is that this primate, the Clinton-Pyatt-Nuland-Biden cabal, George Soros, the Pompeo State Department, CNN, the Washington Post, the Financial Times, MSNBC, the Jewish Drag Queen presently pretending to be the legitimate President of Ukraine, and the Queer organizations like Kyiv Pride and QUA—LGBTQ Americans in Ukraine, are all on the same team in wanting to destroy “evil Putin.”

The proof on Magic Mike Pompeo from the official U. S. Embassy in Kyiv web page:

Here’s the complete text of my interview with Sputnik International on the Bucha atrocity video, an obvious false flag on the order of 9-11, the Bush/Powell bunk on Saddam’s WMDs, the lies about Iran’s weaponized nuclear program, and the transparently phony stories about Assad’s use of chemical weapons in Syria, when the perpetrators were clearly the Al-Qaeda and ISIS affiliates the U.S., Israel, and Saudi Arabia were using there.

Putin had no choice but to invade Ukraine. The Bio-Labs exposés since the invasion, Zelensky’s stated desire publicly to introduce nuclear weapons into Ukraine (which sealed the decision of Russia to invade on February 24th), what Buchanan, Stockman, and Ron Paul underscore historically about the NATO expansions 600 miles Eastward in 1997 and 2004 breaking the promises to Gorbachev by Bush I and James Baker, the 1999 NATO/Clinton bombing of Serbia, the coup d’état of February 2014 in Kyiv, the Bartholomew II playoffs, the killing of 14,000 Russian ethnics in the Donbass over 8 years that followed, and now this Bucha False Flag video operation prove it. In this most recent incident, the Neo-Nazi forces working with Zelensky and his Western backers are the clear culprits here, in a replay of the White Helmets-Al Qaeda-ISIS operations in Syria commissioned by the Zio-Cons.

Russian forces were deployed near places like Kyiv and Chernigov initially to pin down the Ukrainian Armed Forces otherwise deployed in Donbass. Operations in Donbass have reached a stage where Russia can finish the job there in the coming days and weeks with the re-deployment of forces from Kyiv and elsewhere in Western Ukraine. Then Zelensky will receive a final ultimatum to reach a settlement. Or else.

The Kyiv re-deployment set the stage for the desperate facilitation of the Bucha False Flag incident to ignite Western media to justify more Western armaments and mercenaries committed to the Zelensky regime, and to create the hysterical climate for more sanctions on Russia.

You’re right: Against these forces with these motives, I’m backing “evil Putin.”

Q: What can we conclude when comparing the situations in Yemen and Ukraine? Discrimination or double standard because the Yemeni people are not white?

A: I have to say that in my view, the predominantly Jewish power structure in the United States and Europe couldn't care less about innocent life in Yemen, Ukraine, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Serbia, or anywhere else. The spin the Jewish-dominated media puts on who is "right" and who is "wrong," who is the "victim" and who is the "aggressor" depends on their agenda of world government and absolute political, cultural, and economic hegemony in ruling everyone else. The way the wars in Yemen and Ukraine are being "spun" must be seen in this context. The most obvious examples of Palestine and Israel's war of "defense" there, in Gaza, and in ongoing "defensive" acts against Assad's Syria, and Iran, illustrates the problem for your readers.

 In my "Open Letter to the Russian People: Growing Older but Wiser in the Mythologies of the American Empire," it is not an accident that I list a history of incidents involving wars, false flags, and deliberate media "spins" on these episodes involving deliberate falsehoods. Some of them involve Iran. ( It is my hope that this letter which has been translated into Russian, will also be properly translated into Farsi for your domestic population. 

Q: How can Western powers justify their military aid to Saudi Arabia after seven years of futile war?

A: There is absolutely no moral justification for what is clearly genocidal. It is all rooted in money, power, and geopolitical considerations of a most Machiavellian character. But the blowback has already begun: Saudi Arabia is losing this conflict militarily and politically. And now the Saudis are talking to China about doing oil business in Renmimbis instead of Dollars. The Biden Administration has been caught flat-footed on this.

My ongoing prediction: The China-Russia-Iran trio is the instrument of the forthcoming demise of the Zio-New World Order. Good riddance to it. 

Q: Biden had pledged in his election campaigns to put pressure on Saudi Arabia to end the war on Yemen. But Washington is continuing its military support to the Saudis under the pretext of defense aid. How do you assess Biden's policies when it comes to Yemen?

A: I don't think Biden has his own policies in Yemen or anywhere else. He is simply selling the policies of the American Deep State and the Zio-Globalist New World Order. Whatever their wish is, is Biden's command. David Stockman's "The Warfare State's Infinitely Mendacious Echo Chamber" provides all one needs to know about Joe Biden and his Administration in terms of its absolute servitude to the American War Party, the Deep State, and the budgets it demands.(

And compare what Stockman says about the Bucha atrocity video and the war with what I have told Sputnik International and the American Freedom News. (

Hint for your fine readers: Stockman's views and mine absolutely match.


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