Government follows Leader’s instructions: Raisi

April 27, 2022 - 21:15

TEHRAN – Iranian President Ayatollah Seyed Ebrahim Raisi has said that his administration considers itself obliged to follow the instructions of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei.

President Raisi made the remarks in reaction to the Tuesday speech of the Leader. 

Speaking on Wednesday in the cabinet meeting, Ayatollah Raisi referred to the strategic statements of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution in his meeting with students on Tuesday, regarding the importance and position of science and culture cantered on the university, and obliged all government departments to try to fulfil his orders, according to the official website of the Iranian presidency.

He considered the preservation of the scientific, religious and revolutionary identity of the university as the most important concern raised by the Supreme Leader in this meeting and said, "The enemy has always tried to distort the identity gained by the university thanks to the Islamic Revolution and we all have a duty to prevent the implementation of this sinister plan".

Raisi described giving hope to students as one of the other concerns of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution and said, "One of the problems of students after graduation is employment, which the Ministry of Science should plan for with the cooperation of the Ministries of Industry and Labor".

Expressing that the government will be the executor of the Supreme Leader's instructions, President Raisi urged his Vice-President for Science and the Minister of Science to cooperate with the relevant departments, to review and follow up on the implementation of the Supreme Leader's statements.

Ayatollah Raisi also described the organization of the dormitories to be important and necessary, and instructed the Ministry of Science and the Plan and Budget Organization to address this issue immediately.

The president also mentioned the university as a think tank of the government and urged the university professors and students to study the important issues of the country such as water issues, smuggling of goods, development of knowledge-based companies and prevention of raw materials and to find and provide a solution to them.

On Tuesday, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution met with a number of university students. In the meeting, the Leader said revolutionary universities should be a place of nurturing elites for solving the problems of the country.

The Leader also touched on a number of international issues. “Today the world is on the threshold of a new world order: a new international order against the previous monopolar and bipolar world,” he said. 

He added, “The Ukraine War should be considered more deeply. This war isn't simply about a military invasion of a country. The roots of this invasion are deep and a complex, difficult future can be predicted.”

He noted, “On the eve of a probable new world order, all countries including Iran have a duty to be active in the fields of both soft and hard power such that they can ensure their nation's interests and security. The most important duty is on the shoulders of the university students.”

Ayatollah Khamenei also pointed to the decline America is going through. “The US is getting weaker day by day–from within, in its domestic policies, in its foreign policies, in its economy and in its security. The US has become weaker since 20 years ago and continuing up until today,” he said.

Earlier in March, the Leander said Iran is supporting an end to the war in Ukraine. He stated, “Iran advocates ending the war in Ukraine. However, the solution to any crisis only works when the root cause of the crisis has been identified. The root of the crisis in Ukraine are the US policies that create crisis, and Ukraine is one victim of these policies.”

Repeating his opposition to the war in Ukraine, Ayatollah Khamenei explained that the solution to the crisis lies in identifying its root cause, “The root cause of the Ukraine crisis is the US and western policies. These roots must be recognized and then based on these a judgment can be made. If we wanted to take action, we would do so based on such a judgment.”
At the end of his statements, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution spoke of the lessons that one can learn from the events in Ukraine, “I wish to speak about two of these lessons. One is that the western powers’ support of the governments that they themselves have placed in power is a mirage. It is not true. All governments should realize this.”

He referred to Ukraine and Afghanistan as being examples of this first lesson. He also spoke about the second lesson one can learn from the events in Ukraine and said, “And the second lesson is that the people are the most important source of support for a government. If the people had been involved in Ukraine, the Ukrainian government and the people would not be in this situation today.”

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