An interview with Hussein Abbas Zadeh by Zeinab Zareh

“Death on the Mountain” a dilemma between vengeance and forgiveness

April 30, 2022 - 17:57

This novel by Hussein Abbas Zadeh is about a doctor who remembers his war memories while treating an Iraqi patient.

He discovers that the Iraqi patient is the one who led to the doctor's imprisonment and the martyrdom of his friends based on various clues. As a result, he plans to take revenge, but he prefers forgiveness over revenge throughout the story.

* Is this a true story? Where did the inspiration for this story come from?

The story is based on my imagination and is not real, however, it is inspired by some of my personal experiences. A few years ago, I had a part-time job at a hotel, and there was a time when we had an Iraqi guest who sat in the lobby late at night and spoke with me. I gathered from what he said that he was an enemy of Iran during the Iran-Iraq war, and since my uncle was also martyred during that war, I was both upset and angry with this Iraqi guest. Meeting that Iraqi guest was the trigger for this story.

* How did you come up with your book's title?

The book begins on the mountain and ends on the mountain, and it’s where war must come to an end and peace must replace it. From another perspective, the mountain represents endurance and stability, which are visible throughout the story.

* What is the major point of your story?

Peace is a missing piece in today's world that would make life more beautiful, so I dedicated the book to it. With all of his deep challenges and rage, a person chose not to seek revenge, and I believe there was a time when a maniac like Saddam invaded our country and we had to protect ourselves, but now that Saddam and the Ba'athist regime are no longer in power, the war does not have to continue.

* Is the book meant only for adults, based on its writing style?

No. Teenagers and young people may find the book interesting as well.

* Which of the characters was your favorite?

My favorite characters are the main character, who is a doctor, and uncle Abbas, an Afghan craftsman who is in front of the doctor's office. 

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