Iran’s advanced military technology luring customers

May 18, 2022 - 21:18

TEHRAN— Iran has taken a big stride forward in its military knowledge by establishing a drone factory in Tajikistan. What does this imply?

The drone production unit was opened in Tajikistan's capital at the presence of Iran's Armed Forces Chief of Staff Mohammad Bagheri and Tajik Defense Minister General Shirali Mirzo.

The production of Ababil 2, an all-Iranian UAV, in Dushanbe is intended to increase defense and military cooperation between Iran and Tajikistan. The factory was built with the assistance of specialists from the Iranian Ministry of Defense.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Major General Bagheri pointed out that Iran, with the efforts of its committed specialists and scientists and the use of domestic capabilities, has been able to achieve a significant growth in all military and defense dimensions, especially drones.

“Today, we are in a position where we can export military equipment to allied and friendly countries in addition to meeting domestic needs in order to increase security and lasting peace,” he pointed out. 

According to Fars News, General Bagheri described the opening of the Ababil 2 plant in Tajikistan as a turning point in military cooperation between the two countries. 

“God willing, in the future, we will see more cooperation and interaction from all levels of military defense between Iran and Tajikistan,” he added.

The first essential aspect that this springs to mind is that, unlike many other countries in West Asia, Iran is willing to share its technological knowledge with other countries. The fact that Iran and Tajikistan have agreed to strengthen defensive cooperation demonstrates that Iranian defensive knowledge has many potential clients.

However, most countries are scared of the world's biggest bully imposing illegal extraterritorial sanctions, and hence refuse to work with Iran. However, Tajikistan is showing its affinity to Iran by pledging to cooperate with Tehran.

Given that Iran is subject to illegal severe sanctions for importing and exporting defense technology and weaponry, this collaboration will be even more significant. Also, Iran's dependence on domestic technology in creating military equipment is proving appealing to the West Asian market.

Iran's cooperation with Tajikistan can serve as a model for West Asia if they abandon their subordination to the U.S. and live in a fearless world.

Iran’s military advances to build unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) has piqued the interest of surrounding countries. As previously said, this technology has attracted many customers, but many have been hesitant to purchase it.

Today, Iran is in a position to export military equipment to allied and friendly countries and also meeting domestic needs to promote regional security and guarantee long-term peace.

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