Venezuela, a great market for Iranian traders: envoy

June 12, 2022 - 16:13

TEHRAN – Iranian Ambassador to Venezuela Hojatollah Soltani has said the South American country is a great market for Iranian businessmen, IRIB reported.

Stating that the political relations between Iran and Venezuela are at the best level, Soltani said: "In the trade sector, there are suitable bases in different sectors for the development of trade between the two countries."

According to the official, Latin American countries, and especially Venezuela, have economies that are complementary to the Iranian economy, which means that the two sides are not rivals in many areas but complement each other.

“These countries, including Venezuela, require intermediate goods such as electronics, home appliances, petrochemicals, raw materials, agriculture, fertilizers, medicines, and medical equipment, of which we are exporters,” the ambassador said.

Also, South American countries have a very high potential in the production of basic goods like agricultural products. Venezuela has about 30 million hectares of unused agricultural land that has not been cultivated. To use this resource, seeds and agricultural machinery are needed, and this equipment is also available in Iran, he added.

The official further pointed out that in order to enter foreign markets, it is necessary to conclude memorandums of understanding and sign basic agreements.

“In this regard, we have signed a maritime cooperation agreement and an aviation agreement while traders' visas for travel to Venezuela have also been revoked,” Soltani said.


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