“Tesla: Man Out of Time” appears in Persian bookstores

June 12, 2022 - 18:15

TEHRAN – American mathematician Margaret Cheney’s 1981 book “Tesla: Man Out of Time” has been published in Persian.

Masud Moradi is the translator of the book published by Moein.

In this “informative and delightful” biography, Cheney explores the brilliant and prescient mind of Nikola Tesla, one of the twentieth century’s greatest scientists and inventors.

Called a madman by his enemies, a genius by others, and an enigma by nearly everyone, Nikola Tesla was, without a doubt, a trailblazing inventor who created astonishing, sometimes world-transforming devices that were virtually without theoretical precedent. 

Tesla not only discovered the rotating magnetic field -- the basis of most alternating-current machinery -- but also introduced us to the fundamentals of robotics, computers and missile science. 

Almost supernaturally gifted, unfailingly flamboyant and neurotic, Tesla was troubled by an array of compulsions and phobias and was fond of extravagant, visionary experimentations. 

He was also a popular man-about-town, admired by men as diverse as Mark Twain and George Westinghouse, and adored by scores of society beauties.

From Tesla’s childhood in Yugoslavia to his death in New York in the 1940s, Cheney paints a compelling human portrait and chronicles a lifetime of discoveries that radically altered -- and continue to alter -- the world in which we live. 

“Tesla: Man Out of Time” is an in-depth look at the seminal accomplishments of a scientific wizard and a thoughtful examination of the obsessions and eccentricities of the man behind the science.

Photo: Front cover of the Persian edition of Margaret Cheney’s book “Tesla: Man Out of Time”.


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