An interview with Murteza Ahmar

A Great Friendship

January 1, 2023 - 19:4

The book “A Friendship” is about martyr Haj Ahmad Karimi, who was one of the commanders who left lasting memories in the minds of his comrades due to his bravery and spiritual and martial spirit. This book is written by Murteza Ahmar. 

* What inspired you to write this book? 

It was planned to write a book about Shahid Karimi years ago, but it was abandoned in the middle until I was offered to complete it, even though interviews had already been conducted. In fact, partial works were done, after which his friends and comrades decided to complete this work. 

This book includes seven chapters organized around social, personal, political, and spiritual themes.

* What martyr Karimi's characteristics made you choose him?

"A Great Friendship" was titled for his unique characteristic of having strong social relations and fast becoming friends with everyone. During the interviews, all his friends, without exception, said that they had a good friendship with him, and this is the best characteristic of the martyr.

* What is your opinion about the work done in the field of martyrdom?

By repeating the memories of martyrs in different books, young people will be attracted to them over time. The works will be more effective if we do not present the martyrs as unreachable people, so that young people will be able to realize that they are like us and that we can be like them as well, by studying the books related to the martyrs.

* What problems do you face in writing the memoirs of martyrs of holy defense?

One of the problems that exists is that we have moved away from that era and many memories have been forgotten or we don't have access to many sources anymore.

To write the book, we interviewed more than 30 people who we believed would have information about him, but unfortunately, most of the memories had been forgotten, which means it would have been more fruitful if it had been written years ago.

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