Why is Riyadh looking for peace with Iran?

January 3, 2023 - 22:37

Arman-e Melli focused on relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia, asking ‘Why is Riyadh looking for peace with Iran?’

Iran and Saudi Arabia’s conflict goes back to Tehran’s opposition to U.S. regional policies, which are often implemented by Saudi Arabia. Tehran has always stood against the American influence in the region and tried to expel this country from the region. However, Saudi Arabia has always been the main facilitator of the American presence in the region.

However, the Americans are putting pressure on Saudi Arabia to somehow agree on a peace agreement with Yemen and end the eight-year war. Iran plays an important role in this case.

The next and important issue is Iraq. Saudi Arabia wants to play a role in Iraq, a country which Iran has influence there. This is why the Iraqi government has taken the lead in reconciling Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is trying to somehow free itself from the influence of America. From this point of view, it should repair relationship with Iran to prove to the Americans that it is no longer obedient to Washington.

Javan: Commander Soleimani empowered diplomacy

The conservative Javan publication wrote that indeed, since the martyrdom of General Soleimani, the resistance front has increased its strength several times and no weakness has been seen by it.

Politics without power is ineffective. It is not enough to have political wisdom without power. General Soleimani’s main job was empowering our foreign policy.

Martyr Soleimani was very tough against the enemies in the battlefield; he was a leading military strategist to the extent that the enemy had to acknowledge it. America openly says that its most dangerous enemy is General Soleimani’s personality and views.

Iran: Economic terrorism, third step of riots

The state-run Iran newspaper stated that continuation of chaos at any cost and in any possible way is one of the main goals of foreign spy services and under this strategy they have planned three phases of protesting, economic disruption and armed conflict.

After controlling the first phase (gathering and social protest), the second step of chaos (economic disruption) has been started through pumping despair and anger towards the country's economic management.

The main goal is to extend the unrest and create economic discontent among people to launch the third phase, that is, armed conflict. Of course, the realization of this step requires the lower classes of the society to play a part in the chaos.

Kayhan: More alive than ever in the heart of the nation

Three years have passed since the cowardly assassination of General Soleimani by the devils, but the martyr of the resistance front is alive and present in the hearts and minds of the Islamic Republic and the free nations of the world, Kayhan wrote.

Shahid Soleimani is the hero of a nation that saw its cultural, spiritual and revolutionary assets and values embodied in him. The funeral ceremony for his holy body recorded a historical and memorable scene in the minds of the world and showed how Haj Qassem will be multiplied in Iran and other nations of the world.

Martyr Soleimani is more dangerous than ‘Commander Soleimani’ for the enemies because the devils never thought that the Islamic Republic and the Islamic Resistance Front in the world would be so fascinated by Soleimani.

Revenge against the commanders, managers and perpetrators of the Soleimani assassination will never be removed from the agenda of the youth of the Islamic world and his devotees in all corners of the world, Kayhan warned.

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