Murderers of Ruhollah Ajamian are executed

January 7, 2023 - 21:57

TEHRAN - Mohammad Mehdi Karami, 22, and Mohammad Hosseini, 39, who were the main culprits in martyring Ruhollah Ajamian were hanged on Saturday morning (January 7).

"Mohammad Mehdi Karami and Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini, main perpetrators of the crime that led to the unjust martyrdom of Ruhollah Ajamian were hanged this morning," the Judiciary said in a statement, IRNA reported.

The hanging of had been confirmed by the Supreme Court.

The two men had been convicted of killing Ajamian, a member of the Basiji (volunteer forces) on 3 November in Karaj, a city 40 kilometers west of Tehran. 

The murder took place on Karaj-Qazivn highway, where the rioters had blocked the road.

Ajamian, 28, was voluntarily trying to help open the highway that was suddenly attacked by group of rioters because he was wearing the Basij uniform. He was attacked by stone, knife, machete, and brass knuckles, Tasnim reported.

Ajamian was unarmed when he was attacked.

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