An insult due to the failure of chaos project

January 11, 2023 - 4:50

TEHRAN- Referring to the Charlie Hebdo case, Farhikhtegan wrote: Put yourself in the shoes of the architects of the chaos project. You've been trying for four months to say it's done, in a few hours, a few days, a few months, etc. What do you do when nothing happens and your reader is angry? In order to calm it down, to relieve the feeling of great failure, insult is the easiest thing.

The fact is that the Charlie Hebdo magazine project has no positive effect on the rioters inside Iran. The result of chaos in Iran is only to unite more people and Iran lovers. Like the effect of waving the separatist flag in Berlin.

Outside Iran's borders, irrationality and satire definitely have no positive effect on intellectuals, academics, and true freedom seekers.

The only function of such an action is to resuscitate the dying opponents outside the country. A minimal result and of course with a high cost for Macron's government.

Iran: Sanctions for defending the country

In response to Canada's sanctions, the Iran newspaper says: "Canada has placed Iran newspaper on the sanctions list, considering its crime defending the Islamic Republic, supporting the IRGC Quds Force and resistance groups such as Lebanon's Hezbollah.

There are a few things to say about it. First of all, Canada openly supported rioters in recent unrest and always tried to interfere in the chaos project against Iran.
Now that the great conspiracy against Iran has failed and the U.S. and European countries are stuck in a deadlock, Ottawa has once again been assigned to cover up the failure of the chaos project in Iran with sanctions, but propaganda is not able to prevent the failure of America, Europe, and Canada in the face of Iran.

Canada has declared another case of the newspaper supporting the Islamic Republic and Quds Force, while we and all our colleagues at the newspaper are proud of it.

A country like Canada, where terrorists have always grown, should be angry with strong Iran and the powerful Quds Force, which thwarted the U.S. project in West Asia.

Thirdly, the enemies of the Islamic Republic are confused and dizzy these days and they frustratingly are trying to give hope to a bunch of thugs like Reza Pahlavi, Masih Alinejad, and fake celebrities and run away from chaos out of frustration.” 

Etemaad: Do principlists change their attitude to social issues? 
Etemaad addressed the approach of the fundamentalists towards the hijab and wrote: Gholam Ali Haddad Adel's "salutation" in a live television program to women "with incomplete hijab" who remained loyal to the Islamic Republic, is a unique act in the history of principlists and perhaps in the history of the Islamic Republic. 
“Salam” (hello) to the attraction of women with incomplete hijab shows that for the first time that these women were officially recognized to be respected. 
Also, "salaam" was a farewell to the views of principlists who either accepted women with “full hijab or considered them without hijab”. 
"Haddad Adel's salute has nothing to do with principlists in general, some of them think differently."

Arman-e Emrooz: Temporary nuclear agreement is possible 
Arman-e Emrooz writes about the possibility of a temporary agreement between Iran and the United States and quotes a foreign policy expert as saying: "Secret consultations have been conducted between Iran and the United States, and it seems that some countries are conveying the message between the two countries.” 
It seems that the revival of the JCPOA is still the first scenario that will be affected by the developments in the coming days.  
The second scenario is a limited agreement between Iran and the United States; first, not to let tension between the parties escalate. Second, Iran does not develop its nuclear program, and the United States allows limited oil sales by Iran and reduces banking sanctions in return so that Iran receives the money from oil sales. 

This limited agreement will probably be step by step so that both sides can build trust. It should be noted that the death of the JCPOA will never be announced because President Biden will be at the Oval Office until 2024 and does not want to take the path of war and tension.

Keyhan: Hijab flag of the revolution

On Hijab, Keyhan wrote: "Women and girls who think that the enemy spends so much to persuade girls with no hijab in our society through hundreds of satellite channels and Instagram and other social media applications, should ask themselves why the enemy is worried about only their hijab?

They have to ask themselves why they, instead of concerning their education or strengthening the family and solving the marriage problem, insist only on not wearing hijab.

On the other hand, if they really believe in the freedom of dress, why is a girl with a hijab in France, which apparently sympathizes with Iranian girls and women, not allowed to study in universities and schools?

Is a girl with a hijab allowed to work in these anti-Iran satellite channels that believe in freedom of dress?

Therefore, the enemy and its media, want to destroy the Iranian Islamic culture and take revenge on the Islamic hijab as one of the most important symbols and flags of the Islamic Revolution.

Arman-e Melli: Reformists criticize government more

Arman-e Melli discusses the political approach of the reformers and advises them to critique the government more.

It says, "The reformists have to convey the difficulties that exist in the society to the statesmen", and "the current situation can create risks for the country."

Under the current situation, foreigners are trying to tighten the siege on Iran every day, it writes. Today, the situation is such that Iran's enemies seek to isolate it from the world, it adds.

The reformers should express their point of view frankly since they have performed well in domestic and foreign policy and have not allowed the enemies to achieve their goals.

From this point of view, they should help the government with their criticisms of the existing situation, so that the government will “rectify some of its approaches and the country will find clam," the paper writes.

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