EU Parliament move on IRGC result of failures in Iran

January 20, 2023 - 22:15

In a dangerous move the European Parliament on Wednesday voted for a resolution in which it asks the European Union and its member states to include the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps of Iran (IRGC) on its terrorist list.

The move was due to the failure by the West in its project of riots and unrest inside Iran. But it is said that there are legal complications in this move.
Although the enemy's plan to bring Iran to its knees in the nuclear negotiations failed, to keep Iran's unrest alive on their TV shows and reignite the sedition the Western countries are seeking to designate the IRGC as a terrorist organization.

Referring to the reactions of the Iranian authorities to the action of the European Parliament, the newspaper also talks about attempts by the British parliament to take a similar action.
On a possible action from the British parliament, the newspaper writes: Analysts say that putting the IRGC's name on the list of terrorist organizations will intensify the tensions between London and Tehran and will lead to retaliatory measures by Iran. It will also complicate any future hopes of diplomatic efforts to save the 2015 deal with Iran.

Shraq: Europe's harsh winter

In an article entitled "Harsh winter of Europe", Shargh refers to the comment of a member of Iran's nuclear talks team who had said that if Iran did not talk to the West this winter, which will be a harsh one, the Europeans will give more concessions to Iran.

"We will not forget that some members of the negotiating team said in the summer, just when Europe was trying to bring America back to the talks with Iran regarding nuclear issues, that now is not the right time for the negotiation on the nuclear issue because there will be a harsh winter ahead and it will make the West to give more points to Tehran.”

The theorists who hoped for a harsh winter in Europe have not studied history and are not familiar with the living conditions of Europe and their measures to deal with hardships. However, at least they should have known that even when they have abundant energy, the heating systems are usually turned off at night and they have been trying to reduce energy consumption for many years. Unlike us who consume energy wastefully and do not know its value.

The newspaper writes: Even if the opinion is correct, i.e the Europeans were facing problems in winter, the opportunity should not have been missed, because opportunities pass rapidly like clouds.

Ham-Mihan: European game

As we move forward, the “snowball of the crisis” in Europe-Iran relations is rolling downhill faster and bigger every hour. 

Now some senior European officials talking about the possibility of Europe taking a decision to include the name of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) on the list of terrorist groups of the European Union.

Of course, this hostile action by the West is not unprecedented. 

Earlier, Donald Trump had put the IRGC on the U.S. terrorist list. The move was criticized at that time. But it seems that this time things are somewhat different. During the past few months, a lot of pressure was organized against Iran. These pressures generally took place under two pretexts: firstly, how to deal with internal unrest in Iran, and secondly, Iran- Russia military cooperation.

Based on the current situation, there is no clear prospect of on the relations between Iran and Europe, and not only there is no determination to stop the tension in the relations between the two sides, but the conditions are getting worse day by day and the speed of the snowball is also increasing.

Apart from human rights issues and the debate on the execution of some rioters in Iran, it seems that selling Iranian drones to Russia has greatly angered Europe. In such a situation, Europe, which has spent heavy political, economic, social, and security costs in the past months in face of Russia's attack on Ukraine, has placed Iran on Russia's side. In the meantime, the Americans are also blowing on the fire. 

Two days ago, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman clearly stated that until the issue of Iranian drones is not resolved, it is unlikely that negotiations with Iran on the reviving the nuclear agreement is resumed. 

The Europeans are more motivated now than before to increase the pressure on Iran. 

Of course, we should not ignore the fact that human rights issues will play a role in Europe's decisions regarding Iran.

The first effect of such comprehensive pressure on Iran is to send a signal to the countries of the region and other countries of the world that the cost of action against Iran has decreased.

Javan: Enemy addicted to miscalculations

The failure of the recent unrest in Iran, which was ordered by the West, once again proved the capability of the Islamic Republic and made its supporters in all parts of the world more hopeful, especially among resistance groups supported by Iran.

It is not difficult to understand why Macron, Biden, the German chancellor, the British prime minister, and some other leaders of the domineering system openly supported the rioters in Iran during the recent unrest.

On the one hand, they were trying to make up for their defeats of Iran in the past, and on the other, they believed in the years-long actions of their spy services in sabotaging Iran.

But the reason for the failure of their scenarios should be seen in their miscalculations and mistakes in understanding the realities of Iran, the religious beliefs of Iranians, the status of the Leader in the hearts of the Iranian people, the capacity and power of the security forces, etc.

After the failures, the West will continue its efforts in the economic field and pressure campaign through sanctions and intensify the livelihood problems of the Iranian people in order to incite the internal unrest and isolate Iran on the pretext of human rights.

That is why Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei urged the nation to be highly vigilant and united in the face of increasing conspiracies by the foes, saying "We should also be careful. We should not be negligent and proud and say that the games are over. We must stay in the field and know that hope and national unity are the factors that save the nation."

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