An interview with Saeid Akef

The Soft Land of Kushk

January 21, 2023 - 18:43

"The Soft Ground of Kushk" is the work of Saeid Akef, who had his first article published in a magazine directed by Martyr Avini, which encouraged him to continue to write for 30 years by now.

"Wonderful Memories", "Winter's Tale", and "Snowy Damascus" are other works of this great author.

* Describe why you decided to self-publish your work and become your own publisher.

I wrote my first piece for Avini magazine at the end of 2016, but the editor who was responsible for it was martyred, so the magazine did not last long. However, the publication of the first part of the novel "Dancing in the Heart of Fire" gave me the courage to submit the entire book to a publisher, hoping it would be published, but it wasn't. In the end, I tried to publish my book with Sooreh Mehr Publishing House, but they were not interested in publishing it as well.  

* What is “The Soft Land of Kushk” about? 

It’s about Abd-al-Hussain Borunsi’s life memories, the commander of the 18th Javad Al-Aima Brigade. 

* With how much money did you start your career as a publisher?

I started my work with only two million tomans. At that time, the paperwork was 5 thousand tomans and now it has reached 105 thousand tomans! 

* Your book has been translated into English, Arabic, Urdu, and several other languages; What contribution did you make to the translation of this work?

I had planned to translate this book into other languages if the paper subsidy hadn't been removed, but my friends at Quds Museum and Islamic Culture and Communication Organization had already done it, although I wasn't informed.  

My book has been translated, and I'm very glad, but I don't necessarily consent to it being translated and published without my permission.

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