Ten-day dawn festivities marking the revolution start

February 1, 2023 - 22:51

TEHRAN - February 1st marks the beginning of the ten-day festivities, officially known as the 10-day dawn, celebrating the return of Imam Khomeini to Iran in 1979.

Millions of Iranians have commenced the ten-day celebrations to honor the 44th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, which ended the U.S.-backed Pahlavi monarchy in the country.

Every year during ten-day dawn celebrations, the Iranian people adorn towns, streets, and other public spaces in honor of this historic triumph with flowers and other various decorative items.

Iranians marked Imam Khomeini's return from exile in Paris to Tehran in a unique ceremony conducted at the Imam Khomeini mausoleum in south of Tehran.

The enormous mausoleum hall was crowded with people from all walks of life, including schoolchildren wearing the red, white, and green Iranian flag, while an army band performed revolutionary anthems.

In western Tehran, near Azadi (Liberty) Square, motorcycle riders also participated in a procession to commemorate Imam Khomeini's return to the country in 1979.

Additionally, school bells sounded across the nation to serve as a reminder to pupils of the moment when Imam Khomeini entered Iran.

Tehran's main streets have also been decorated with lights, posters, and wall murals depicting fresh "martyrs" in honor of the revolution.

Ships also honk their horns in jubilation in southern Persian Gulf port of Bandar Abbas. 

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