Army chief issues warning of ‘hybrid war’ on Iran

February 6, 2023 - 22:34

TEHRAN - Iran’s Army Chief, Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi, said on Monday that the foes have turned to “hybrid war” against the Islamic establishment after being dealt tremendous blows by the Iranian nation and Leader of the Islamic Revolution.

“The enemy has been attempting to impede the progress of the Islamic Revolution and inflict a blow to the Islamic Republic in recent years by adopting various schemes and machinations,” General Mousavi said in a statement as Iran is marking the 44th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.

“However, the enemy’s plans have fallen apart one after another due to public resistance and the Leader’s astute guidance,” the top commander added.

“The foes have thus planned a vast hybrid war against the Iranian country and the Islamic establishment, based on psychological and media operations,” he added.

General Mousavi also called the Islamic Revolution “a massive worldwide phenomena in the concluding decades of the twentieth century, with far-reaching regional and international impacts.”

“The Islamic Revolution took place at a time of contemporary ignorance, when superpowers directly or indirectly devised and directed all significant and strategic events, and communism and liberalism, founded on atheism and apostasy, had dominated the whole world,” the Army commander said.

General Mousavi stated that the Revolution presented a transcendental paradigm based on authentic Islamic principles, establishing an autonomous and powerful system in Iran.

He said that the Islamic Revolution is still upholding Iran’s security and preserving its interests while standing up to tyrants and haughty powers.

“Today, the Islamic Revolution is the target of arrogant powers’ ire because of its character and performance, as well as its sincere pursuit of principles and commitment to its key slogans,” he noted.

General Mousavi went on to say that the Army’s major goal in recent years has been to safeguard Iran’s independence, territorial integrity, and Islamic establishment.

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