America seeks to create tensions

April 8, 2023 - 0:24

In its editorial, the Kayhan newspaper addressed the regional developments and wrote: Considering that the wise policy of the Supreme Leader of the revolution removed the shadow of war not from the Iranian nation but from the region, America is seeking to create centers of tension in other places, including the Caucasus, and prevent the shutdown of these flashpoints, including the war in Yemen and Ukraine.

And on the other hand, the Zionist regime is trying to make the region boiling by repeating its usual useless attacks in order to prevent adoption of correct decisions as it is feeling that these decisions will ultimately make Tel Aviv isolated.

Iran: The enemy’s plan for hijab

In its editorial, Iran newspaper discussed the enemy’s plan about hijab. It wrote: The enemy is trying to attack the inner strength of the Iranian nation with a plan, and now through the issue of hijab it wants to create a bipolarity in the society to undermine the inner strength of the nation. This is where the issue of hijab should be seen in the puzzle of the enemy, the treacherous movements of the opposition and foreign spy services. Hijab is a religious necessity and a legal requirement in the country, and as the Leader of the revolution said in his recent statements in the gathering of officials, “taking off hijab is forbidden politically and in view of Sharia.”  But when the enemy is behind the hijab issue, several points should be kept in mind in order to accurately see the “attack on the Hijab” or “attack with the weapon of Hijab” and have a regular plan for it.

First, the basis of the work on the issue of hijab is culture and enlightenment. Cultural institutions should use artistic charms based on the requirements of the time and against the soft war of enemies and be able to portray the wisdom of hijab in the “war of lifestyles”.  It goes without saying that we should not tolerate those who break the norms.

 Second, the main problem of the country is economy and the livelihood of the people, and the enemy’s media operations on the hijab issue should not cause the issue of economy to be sidelined.

Third, the group that wants the Islamic Republic to ignore the issue of hijab, or the group that helps the enemy with inappropriate and irregular behavior – willingly or unwillingly – both of them do not have an accurate and deep understanding of hijab and the religious people of Iran.

Hamshahri: Benefits of relationship between Iran and Saudi Arabia

Hamshahri discussed the benefits of renewing the relationship between Tehran and Riyadh. The paper analyzed the internal and regional benefits of the agreement between the two countries. It said experts believe that the most important achievements of the resumption of relations between Tehran and Riyadh should be searched in the field of security, a sector that will be accompanied by significant developments both in the field of Iran’s “internal security” and regional security.

The Tehran-Riyadh agreement visualizes:

 - Drawing a new vision for the end of the war and crisis in Yemen

 - Nullifying Zionist policies to bring the Arab governments together in a war against the Islamic Republic

 - Bringing to failure threat-oriented plans such as “Arab NATO” to cope with Iran

 - Reducing proxy confrontations and promoting regional peace and stability

 - Managing regional centers of tension and threats

 - Creating a realistic understanding among the Saudi authorities regarding internal developments in Iran

 -Reducing the motivation of the Saudis to intervene in Iran’s internal affairs through supporting inimical media, including Iran International

Arman-e-Emrooz: Hope for Yemen to Resolve the JCPOA

In an article Arman-e-Emrooz referred to the American request from Iran to help resolve the Yemen crisis. It quoted an expert who said: When America addresses Iran in this way, it means that it is satisfied with the peace process in the region and maybe, if the policies in this area proceed well, we can hope that this year even America may show a favor revival of the JCPOA and the process of negotiations be resumed once again.

Farhikhtegan: Towards passionate elections

 In a commentary, the Farhikhtegan newspaper discussed the Leader of the Revolution’s emphasis on holding enthusiastic parliamentary elections in the current year and wrote: First, the high turnout will loudly send the message to the world that the chaos project (in Iran) has failed; and secondly, it will remind foreign enemies about repeated failed scenarios. Considering that cultural issues are affected by economic problems, serious and uncompromising fight against any kind of corruption should be seriously pursued. The need to actively involve people in the economy with the aim of curbing inflation and boosting the production sector were other recommendations that will definitely affect the turnout in the elections.  In addition to executive steps, especially in the field of economy, which creates hope in society and encourages people to participate, some changes in the political behavior of different spectrums are also necessary so that society has hope for the efficiency of the electoral mechanisms.

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