Iranian Army unveils jammer drone

April 12, 2023 - 13:1

TEHRAN - The Iranian Army on Tuesday unveiled its first locally-built jammer drone, called Mahajer 6.

It has been designed to disrupt communication between hostile unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and their controllers.

Equipped with a high-tech system capable of transmitting interfering radio signals, it was inaugurated at a ceremony in presence of Army chief Abdolrahim Mousavi and a number of senior ground force commanders.

The jammer drone is the Army’s first UAV with the capability to operate and support electronic warfare and electronic offense against the enemy’s communication networks, Press TV reported.

Mohajer 6 jammer drone, along with 1,084 types of new military equipment and weapons, upgraded, reproduced and produced by the ground force, joined the operational units.

The newly-joined military equipment cover the fields of armor, artillery, rockets, drones, helicopters and electronic warfare.

Other items were “Kian-800” tank transporter, pontoon bridges, a grenade launcher simulator, “Arash” electronic warfare system, tactical command and control vehicles, transportation vehicles used to set up portable telecommunication stations, a tactical cellular system providing mobile network coverage, and “Majid” air defense system, Tasnim reported.

Some other products unveiled on Tuesday included “Almas” missiles, “Qaem” bombs, “Dehlaviyeh-2” anti-tank missiles, three night-vision optical systems, “Shafaq” chaff and flare countermeasure systems and missiles paired with Cobra attack helicopters, “Fath-360” missile systems, smart shells with pinpoint accuracy, and various artillery weapons.

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