An interview with Shirin Zarepour

A Story of a Martyr's Love

April 17, 2023 - 17:44

"Endless Desire" is a book about Mahdi Hosseini, the defender of the shrine, and Zahra Soleimanizadeh's memories of his martyred husband.

In order to illustrate the Iranian and Islamic way of life for families, she cited specific passages in the book.

Mahdi Hosseini was a cousin of Zahra Soleimanizadeh. Once they got married and had 12 years of a blissful life together, Martyr Hosseini decided to defend Hazrat Zainab's shrine by going to fight with the Takfiris in Syria. Zahra Soleimanizadeh could not bear to be apart from Mehdi, thus the family accompanied him.

According to Zarepour, the beginning of "Endless Desire" is when Zahra is a young girl. She matures alongside Mahdi, the main hero of her story, and the book details their love journey from the time they were teenagers.

The author cited reader comments and claimed that the book's positive reception led to the publication of a second edition of the book in a short amount of time. The key to this success was Mahdi Hosseini and his wife's magnetic pure love, which increased the book's appeal to young readers.

She continued by stating that the fundamental theme of the book is Mahdi Hosseini's life and the audience may learn many significant things from it, the most crucial of which is his Islamic and religious lifestyle.

She mentioned the length of time it took to complete the book as one of the surprises of writing "Endless Desire" and said she was curious about the time she had set aside because, despite her busy schedule, it only took one year and 17 days.

Zarepour said that she had devoted her time to creating the book, that all of the work had been completed fast, and that she had found it to be quite fascinating. She felt that Mehdi Hosseini himself was helping!

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