MPs hail Raisi visit to Syria

May 2, 2023 - 21:26

TEHRAN – Two Iranian lawmakers have welcomed the upcoming visit by President Ebrahim Raisi to Syria, saying the visit would strengthen the Axis of Resistance. 

Javad Karimi Quddousi, a member of the Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, said the visit is meant to strengthen the Resistance Front and the economies of the two countries. 

“After 13 years, the president of Islamic Iran will travel to Syria and I wish he had at least one trip to Syria during the 11th and 12th governments so that the Resistance Front will be strengthened even more,” Quddousi told IRNA. “Among the closure of the country's diplomacy in the previous government was the closure of the diplomacy of the Resistance area, which in fact resulted in indifference to the member countries of the Resistance Front, including Syria.”

He added, “In these 44 years that have passed since the victory of the revolution, countries such as Syria and the oppressed people of Palestine were an important support for the resistance front. The proxy wars that the Zionist regime and the West started with the support of ISIS in Syria took place because of the Syrian people's support for the Resistance Front.”

Quddousi considered Raisi's visit to Syria as the culmination of Ayatollah Raisi's presidential and strategic trips. “At this point, when there has been a great victory for the Resistance Front in all fields, the president will visit this country because the plans and movements of Iran and Syria have been shared and they have formed a united front against their enemies,” he continued. 

Stating that today Gaza is not separated from the West Bank, he said, “Quds is not separated from Gaza and the West Bank, and Syria and Lebanon are connected to all these areas. Along with these countries, the Yemenis formed a united front which caused the defeat of the Hebrew, Arab, and Western united front against the Resistance Front.”

Underlining that today Zionists and Westerners admit that Bashar al-Assad and his people won, Quddousi noted, “Ayatollah Raisi's trip at this point is very effective in terms of politics, security and strategy for the liberation of Quds. And the second dimension will be the reconstruction of Syria.”

He said, “The reconstruction of Syria with the mobilization of the private sector is a good opportunity to provide civil and economic services, especially in the construction industry sector and take over the Syrian economic market.”

The lawmaker added, “During a visit to the Syrian city of Aleppo, half of this city has been razed to the ground, and Syrian statesmen suggested to the 12th government [the Rouhani administration] to undertake the reconstruction of this city, in which case twice the amount proposed to European countries will be paid to Iran. But the previous government did not make an effort in this regard.”

========== Raisi visit indicative of Iran’s victory 
Ebrahim Azizi, another lawmaker sitting on the Committee, said the visit is an indication that Iran’s regional policies won. 

“The President's visit to Damascus shows the victories of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the regional and international scene and shows the depth of greatness that Muslim nations created in different scenes in the fight against arrogance.,” Azizi said in remarks to IRNA. “The media of the West has been presenting the Americans as invincible for years, but the victory of the Resistance Axis in Syria showed that it is possible to stand against the domination system and defeat them.”

He added, “The normalization of relations with Syria can be effective in the path of economic, commercial, cultural and security exchanges in the region, since the countries of the region have turned to the view of the Islamic Republic today, it is a wise and intelligent move, it can help the development of peace and stability in the region.”


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