MBS has ability to receive permission to refurbish Baqi Cemetery: Islamic scholar

May 7, 2023 - 20:45

TEHRAN- An Islamic scholar says there is a high possibility to get permission from the Saudi officials, including Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS) to restore the Baqi Cemetery.

Shahab Moradi also wished that Iran can one day embellish the cemetery and morph it into a heaven for all who follow the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and twelve Imams.    

Speaking with Mehr News that part of it was published on Saturday, Moradi noted that the restoration of Islamic monuments including the Baqi Cemetery needs the attention of both people and government.

“On one hand, the government should put legal and diplomatic programs on the agenda, and on the other hand, people and NGOs need to come to solve the issue,” the cleric suggested. 

The Islamic scholar went on to highlight that it is the duty of politicians to pursue the case because they have the ability and power to convince the Saudi officials to refurbish the holy site.  

“Since the ties between Tehran and Riyadh are improving, so, it can be the best opportunity to hold talks with the Saudis to accept the issuance of permission for the reconstruction,” he added.   

Moradi continued by saying that regarding the destruction of Baqi, it is regarded as an injustice and annoying issue for Muslims, especially Shias, and the matter is unfortunately viewed as a petty topic by the Islamic society. 

A famous figure on TV and social media, Shahab Moradi was born in Tehran in the early 1950s. 

He is one of the well-known clerics in the domain of media, having lots of fans and is considered as one of the famous and prominent Islamic experts in many television programs. 

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