Iran National Museum to Hold Cultural Exhibit in Vienna

November 16, 2000 - 0:0
TEHRAN Iran has planned a cultural exhibit in Vienna on November 21 to display artifacts from ancient Iranian civilization dating back to seven thousand years ago.
Head of Iranian National Museum Mohammadreza Kargar said on Wednesday that the exhibit will continue for two months.
He said the exhibit will be held in two stages. The first stage will cover the artifacts from the prehistoric era until the fifth century while the second stage will be held in Vienna next year to display the artifacts from the fifth century to the contemporary era.
Kargar said that holding the exhibit is aimed at introducing the Iranian civilization on the threshold of the year 2001, the Year of the Dialogue Among Civilizations.
He said 188 artifacts, pottery, metal, stone, clay and golden materials will be put on display.
The official said the exhibit would show the continuity of the Iranian civilization and would attract tourists to Iran.
On the sidelines of the exhibit, a book pavilion will be set up and programs have chalked out for the performance of traditional music for visitors to the exhibit, he said.
He said the exhibit will be held following an agreement signed between the Iranian and Austrian presidents on cultural cooperation last year.
The official said Germany, Russia, France, Belgium, Britain, the U.S. and Mexico have applied to Iran National Museum for holding Iranian cultural exhibit in those countries.