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  • Different, but just in details 2020-10-19 22:51

    For Iran, Biden is cut from the same cloth as Trump

    Different, but just in details

    TEHRAN – As U.S. election debates heat up, so does the speculation over which candidate will be better for Iran. While some foreign commentators claim that a certain candidate would be better for Iran, analysts and officials in Iran say there is no difference between the policies of Donald Trump and Joe Biden toward Iran.

  • Caesar-Chavannes 2020-10-13 18:38

    By Payman Yazdani

    Trump has shown his hand, nothing in his back pocket

    TEHRAN– Caesar-Chavannes in an interview with MNA talked of challenges to U.S. democracy, approaches of Dems and Reps parties toward racism, the role of money in the country's power structure, and Trump's tactics to win the election.

  • Mehmet Ogutcu 2020-10-12 15:21

    By Zahra Mirzafarjouyan

    U.S. goal to destabilize Iran's economy, political system

    TEHRAN – Referring to U.S. sanctions amid Covid-19, a former Turkish diplomat said, "destabilizing Iran’s economy and political system is an integral part of the grand U.S. strategy for the Middle East" regardless of who wins the election.

  • U.S. on the edge of a civil war 2020-10-10 18:38

    U.S. on the edge of a civil war

    As Trump spent the year warning about voter fraud, the Oath Keepers and other Trump’s supporters were listening. 

  • Joseph Samuel Nye Jr. is the former Dean of the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. Nye is also a member of the American Academy of Diplomacy. He is currently (as of July 2018) University Distinguished Service Professor, Emeritus. 2020-10-10 15:59

    By Zahra Mirzafarjouyan

    Electoral college over-weights rural versus urban interests

    TEHRAN – Stating that the electoral college was designed to protect the role of smaller states in US federal system, Prof. Joseph Samuel Nye says, "But it now greatly over-weights rural versus urban interests."

  • Americans homeless 2020-10-10 13:25

    By Diego Vida

    The number of homeless Americans is rising, while Trump and Biden are fighting for presidency

    The American propaganda is still working well and widens its fandom base. Yet, you see some hilarious statements in-between the lines of that propaganda, like: come to America for the opportunity of a better life, or to get a well-paid job that appreciates your talent, buy home, car, dress, and other stuff, go to parties, make real money and you are likely to become rich too, and the list of these apparently nice words goes on and on. 

  • Ian Greenhalgh 2020-10-10 11:53

    By Ian Greenhalgh

    Election 2020: Stakes never higher for Dis-United States

    ('Stand back, stand by': Trump prepares to declare victory)

    The United States has not been so dis-united since the end of the Civil War a century and a half ago. The reason for the great divide that has opened up in U.S. society is clear and it is the presidency of Donald Trump. It is not by accident, but rather by design that the U.S. has been fractured and broken; for the reason, we merely need to recall the principle of ‘divide and conquer’.

  • Nader Entessar 2020-10-09 22:56

    By Mohammad Mazhari

    A Biden administration will try to weaken Iran's defense system: political scientist

    “Biden's conditions are first and foremost designed to weaken Iran's defense system and make Tehran more vulnerable to outside attacks.”  

    TEHRAN - If Joe Biden wins the November presidential elections he will set a number of conditions to join the nuclear deal (JCPOA), including “significant limit” on Iran’s defensive missiles program, an American political scientist says.

  • Rodney Shakespeare 2020-10-09 22:55

    By Rodney Shakespeare

    There is nothing democratic about America today

    The original idea of the Founders was for all Americans to have Life, Liberty and Property (NB 'Property'). But the Founders then changed their minds because ensuring land and wealth for Native Americans and imported African slaves was certainly not what they meant to happen.

  • Mohamad Kleit 2020-10-06 23:43

    By Mohamad Kleit

    The U.S. elections: The first round of political chaos

    (Trump-Biden debate: Verbal strangles and disarray from the societal reality)

    The first debate was a rage-fest of two old men ranting about useless matters while failing to tackle any serious matter in local or foreign U.S. affairs. It was mainly 90 minutes of criticism, accusations, and personal verbal attacks.

  • William Lucas 2020-10-06 23:40

    By M.A. Saki

    Professor predicts Trump will refuse presidential election results if he loses

    “Donald Trump's only interest is benefiting himself and his family”

    TEHRAN – A professor of political science and international studies says Donald Trump has signaled that he will refuse to accept the results of the November presidential elections if he loses.

  • Marvin Zonis 2020-10-06 23:06

    By Marvin Zonis

    Many Americans believe their votes do not make a difference

    Money has become the decisive issue in U.S. elections — to buy ads, especially on TV. But what has happened this year is that both major parties have been able to raise significant funds to advertise their candidates.

  • Biden- Trump 2020-10-06 10:49

    Biden and Trump are two sides of the same coin

    TEHRAN – While Donald Trump and Joe Biden bitterly call into question each other’s Iran policy, a U.S. expert tells the Tehran Times that, in essence, there are no differences between the two candidates’ policies toward Iran.

  • Charles Ortel 2020-10-06 10:45

    By Charles Ortel

    U.S. election and the challenge of potential voters

    During 2020, there is heightened potential for interference many ways, but at core Americans across the political spectrum are free to register and to vote in secret, meaning the outcome, once tallied should reflect the will of a broad swath of eligible voters.

  • Randi Nord 2020-10-06 10:40

    By Amir Mohammad Esmaeili

    American voters only have the illusion of choice: geopolitical analyst

    TEHRAN - Randi Nord, an American geopolitical analyst and content strategist, says elections in the U.S. are “all theatrics” and voters don't have a real choice.

  • stephen Lendman 2020-10-06 10:35

    By Stephen Lendman

    Trump v. Biden: The evil of two lessers

    Earlier I discussed the shame of the nation in America, a bipartisan conspiracy against peace, equity, justice and the rule of law. I noted Benjamin Franklin’s warning to the nation’s founders on the uncertainty of whether the newly created republic would last into “remote futurity.” Asked if a republic or monarchy was formed, he responded: “A republic if you can keep it.”

  • Khatibzadeh 2020-10-05 18:11

    Tehran says not fixated on who occupies Oval Office

    TEHRAN – Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh has said it does not matter who will be elected as the president of the United States in the November elections.

  • Arshin Adib-Moghaddam 2020-10-04 12:31

    By Mohammad Homaeefar

    U.S. foreign policy toward Iran is ‘institutionally hegemonic’, says professor

    ‘Biden is no Obama’

    TEHRAN – Arshin Adib-Moghaddam, a professor in global thought and comparative philosophies, believes that the U.S. foreign policy toward Iran is “institutionally hegemonic”, and that a Biden administration would in some way continue the confrontational approach.

  • Biden-Trump 2020-10-01 00:03

    By Amir Miri

    Why many political experts believe Biden is the next president 

    TEHRAN - In recent weeks some surveys show that Donald Trump, regardless of how much he is hated by some segments of the American society, he will win the November election. 

  • Debate 2020-09-30 18:41

    ‘Americans are stuck in difficult situation,’ Rouhani says after U.S. presidential debate

    TEHRAN — President Hassan Rouhani has reacted to the Tuesday night presidential debate in the U.S., saying the Americans are stuck in a very difficult situation.

  • Osman Faruk Loğoğlu 2020-09-28 11:28

    By Payman Yazdani

    Neither Biden nor Trump bodes well for Turkey

    TEHRAN – Faruk Logoglu says Biden has been consistently anti-Turkish throughout his political career and Trump doesn't see Turkey as an ally, so it is up to Turkey to review its outlook and policy toward the US.

  • Trump 2020/09/27

    By Mohammad Mazhari

    A bizarre election: American democracy at dead end

    U.S. election will be on the line this November, but what about the American democracy? Trump's policies and statements not only have dangerously made America's democratic health hang in the balance but also the country's integrity as a whole.

  • ghalibaf 2020-09-20 11:43

    No difference between Trump, Biden: parliament speaker

    TEHRAN — Parliament Speaker Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf has said there is no difference between incumbent U.S. President Donald Trump and his challenger Joe Biden.

  • U.S. election 2020-09-18 23:19

    U.S. set to plunge into the unknown as election integrity questioned

    TEHRAN – With the U.S. presidential election less than two months away, analysts ring alarm bells about possible political conflict over election results. A U.S. expert tells the Tehran Times that the U.S. faces an ambiguous future due to differences over electoral integrity.

  • Carlos Antonio Alcala Cordones 2020-09-18 14:41

    By Zahra Mirzafarjouyan

    Iran-Venezuela ties offering anti-unilateralism model: envoy

    TEHRAN – Stating that the hegemony of the US is over, Venezuela's Ambassador to Tehran told Mehr News Agency that the Iran-Venezuela relations are conveying a message to other countries that they can counter the unilateralism too.

  • Trump - Biden 2020-09-14 16:06

    Trump’s Iran policy is a ‘dangerous failure’, says Biden

    TEHRAN — U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden has strongly criticized the Trump administration’s Iran policy, saying this past month has proven that Donald Trump’s Iran policy is a “dangerous failure”.

  • Trump, Biden 2020-09-10 01:16

    Democrats want to return to JCPOA, resume talks with Iran: Nourbakhsh

    Trump achieved nothing by pressuring Iran, says professor

    TEHRAN – An Iranian university professor says U.S. President Donald Trump has achieved nothing by putting pressure on Iran.

  • Seyed Reza Sadr al-Hosseini 2020-09-09 13:23

    Macron's regional moves on behalf of U.S., Zionist regime

    TEHRAN –Warning about suspicious French President's moves in the region, Sadr al Hosseini didn't reject the possibility of Zionist backed efforts to pave the way for construction of an energy pipeline from Iraq to Occupied Land.

  • Biden 2020/09/07

    By Mohammad Mazhari

    Implications of a Biden victory for Iran?

    Only about two months are left to the U.S. presidential election. According to opinion polls, the presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden has a better chance of winning the November 3 elections.

  • Biden 2020-08-22 00:01

    Joe Biden hails Muharram amid doubts over his sincerity

    TEHRAN - Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden implicitly praised the martyrdom of Imam Hossein (AS) in what appears to be a bid to win the hearts of Muslim voters despite the fact that he, during his tenure as Barak Obama’s vice president, imposed sweeping economic sanctions on a country that is widely known for its love of the Imam.