Haider al-Abadi


  • Rouhani 2019-03-12 20:08

    Iraqi dignitaries meet Rouhani in Baghdad

    BAGHDAD/TEHRAN – A number of Iraqi dignitaries met on Monday and Tuesday with President Hassan Rouhani at the Iranian embassy in Baghdad. The visits took places as Rouhani was on a three-day tour of Iraq which started on Monday.

  • consulate 2018-09-08 21:32

    Iran-Iraq integrity under attack as suspects burn consulate in Basra

    TEHRAN – Following an arson attack on the Iranian consulate in the Iraqi city of Basra on Friday night, the Iranian ambassador to Baghdad says certain elements seek to damage Iran-Iraq ties which have been built after years of efforts.

  • پرچم ایران و عراق 2018-09-04 21:21

    Tehran says supporting new Iraqi government

    TEHRAN – In the statement on Tuesday, the Iranian Embassy in Baghdad said Tehran stands behind the new Iraqi government.

  • Haider al-Abadi 2018-08-14 15:53

    Iraqi PM walks back on commitment to U.S. sanctions on Iran

    Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has contradicted his recent reluctant commitment to abide by renewed U.S. sanctions on Iran, saying his government only committed to not using dollars in transactions with Tehran.

  • KRG rep criticizes Abadi for hasty comments on Iran sanctions 2018-08-12 21:26

    KRG rep criticizes Abadi for hasty comments on Iran sanctions

    TEHRAN – The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) representative to Tehran has criticized Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi for hurriedly saying Baghdad was complying with U.S. sanctions on Iran.

  • Haider al-Abadi 2018-06-12 11:51

    Fire catches Iraq’s biggest ballot warehouse before recount

    A storage site housing ballot boxes from Iraq’s May parliamentary elections in the capital Baghdad has caught fire ahead of a recount.

  • Es’haq Jahangiri 2018-03-08 08:53

    Iranian VP in Baghdad

    TEHRAN – First Vice President Es’haq Jahangiri arrived in Baghdad on Wednesday to talk with senior officials and visit holy shrines in the country during a 3-day trip.

  • Haider-al-Abadi-davos 2018-01-30 11:39

    Al-Abadi says Iran helped Iraq win the war on Daesh 

     TEHRAN - Haider al-Abadi, the Iraqi prime minister, has said Iran has “zero” influence on his country and said Iran along with others helped Baghdad win the war against Daesh.

  • Hariri says he wants ‘best relationship’ with Iran 2018-01-26 20:38

    Hariri says he wants ‘best relationship’ with Iran

    TEHRAN – Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri has said he would like the “best relationship” with Iran, but added that Lebanon must deal with Iran.

  • Leader-Abadi 2017-10-27 20:12

    Never trust U.S., Leader tells Abadi 

    TEHRAN – In a meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in Tehran on Thursday, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called on the Iraqis “never trust” the United States.

  • Al-Abadi heading to Tehran 2017-10-24 19:20

    Al-Abadi heading to Tehran

    TEHRAN – Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is visiting Tehran on Wednesday as part of a regional tour.

  • rouhani 2017-09-25 20:37

    Rouhani insists on Iraqi territorial integrity in talks with Putin, Erdogan, al-Abadi

    TEHRAN – As people in the Iraqi Kurdistan region went to polls on Monday to vote for independence referendum President Hassan Rouhani reiterated Tehran’s insistence on the need to protect Iraq’s territorial integrity in phone talks with leaders of Russia, Turkey and Iraq.

  • Iraq 2017-09-23 03:59

    by Dilshad Hama Khidhir

    Refugees’ fate in limbo as Iraqi Kurdistan referendum nears

    With the referendum on independence in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq scheduled for Sept. 25, the fate of the large number of displaced Iraqis and Syrian refugees in the region is unknown.

  • حیدر العبادی و هاشمی شاهرودی 2017-09-04 20:48

    Iraq victories have astonished all: Iran

    TEHRAN - Chairman of Iran’s Expediency Council Seyed Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi said on Sunday that Iraq’s successive victories against terrorists have astonished the world.

  • حیدر العبادی 2017-08-24 14:02

    Iraq not to be used to attack Iran: al-Abadi

    TEHRAN – Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi says Iraq would not allow any offensive to take place against neighboring Iran through its borders, ISNA reported on Wednesday.

  • Iraq 2017-07-17 10:11

    Amid the rubble of Mosul, Iraqi reconciliation

    In contrast to ISIS’s rule over the city, Iraq’s government has already shown a path to reconcile Iraqis, especially its minority Sunnis.

  • جشن پیروزی در موصل 2017-07-10 19:54

    Iran’s Zarif congratulates full liberation of Mosul

    TEHRAN – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Sunday congratulated the Iraqi people and government for their bravery in succeeding to fully liberate the city of Mosul from the hands of Daesh.

  • rouhani 2017-07-01 20:45

    Cheerful Iran congratulates Iraqis over Mosul liberation

    Iran cheerful over Mosul liberation

    TEHRAN – Iran has expressed great happiness over the liberation of the Iraqi city of Mosul from the hands of Daesh terrorists who took control of the city in June 2014.

  • حیدر العبادی 2017-06-24 09:58

    Al-Abadi office calls trips to Tehran, Riyadh, and Kuwait successful

    TEHRAN – The office of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Friday issued a statement in which it said the official’s three-legged regional tour has been successful.

  • rouhani 2017-06-21 19:54

    Quds issue should not be forgotten, Rouhani says

    TEHRAN – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said in a meeting on Tuesday with the Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi that the fight against terrorism should not overshadow the Quds issue and threat of the Zionist regime of Israel.

  • استقبال رسمی جهانگیری از نخست وزیر عراق 2017-06-20 19:49

    Abadi visits Tehran, says Iraq and Iran more serious in terror fight

    TEHRAN – Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi who arrived in Tehran on Tuesday afternoon said Iran and Iraq have taken more serious decisions in fighting terrorism.

  • حیدر العبادی 2017-06-19 10:35

    Iraq’s al-Abadi to visit S.Arabia, Kuwait, Iran soon 

    TEHRAN – Iraq's Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi will soon visit Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and then Iran as a reconciliatory effort as the Saudi-led political and economic boycott of Qatar is escalating, according to Iraqi media outlets. 

  • Iraq 2017-02-27 02:59

    By Omar Sattar

    Families of ISIL members evicted from liberated areas in Iraq

    Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said Feb. 22 that his government is ready to start the implementation of national reconciliation in the very near future. The plan includes returning the displaced families to their hometowns and building an inclusive political and social setting in the liberated areas.

  • Iraq 2017-02-09 17:26

    By Hassan al-Shanoun

    Armed Iraqi factions threaten to target Americans in response to travel ban

    U.S. President Donald Trump's Jan. 27 executive order to ban nationals of Iraq and six other Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States for 90 days has caused a great uproar among Iraqis.

  • Abadi 2017-01-16 12:52

    By Ali Mamouri

    Abadi enlists neighbors to support unified Iraq

    Amid fears of interference by neighboring countries in determining the future of Iraqi territory being liberated from the Islamic State (ISIL), Baghdad has launched an intensive diplomatic effort to improve and cement relations with states in the region.

  • حیدر سهیلی اصفهانی 2016-10-28 11:08

    By: Heydar Soheyli Isfahani

    Erdogan and the Mosul dilemma 

    TEHRAN - It has been a while that the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is strongly insisting to participate in the battle to liberate northern Iraqi city of Mosul. He also has come up with some reasons. He argues that he is concerned about the condition of Arab Sunnis. He also has a Strong emphasis on fighting the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL/Daesh) terrorist group. 

  • Al-Sadr supporters storm parliament 2016-05-02 15:28

    Bombing against pilgrims kills 23 in Iraq as hundreds protest

    A car bomb targeting Shia pilgrims killed at least 23 people near Baghdad on Saturday, as hundreds protested in the capital for reforms and parliament made another attempt to reshuffle the cabinet.