Open MArket Operations (OMO)


  • liquidity 2020-01-25 14:00

    ‘OMO to control, not to lower liquidity growth’

    TEHRAN- Ali Eslami Bidgoli, a member of Iran’s Securities and Exchange High Council, says that Open Market Operation (OMO) system, recently launched by the Central Bank of Iran (CBI), should not be expected to reduce the inflow of liquidity into the market, while it is to control it.

  • Hemmati 2020-01-20 14:39

    CBI to control forex market more through new monetary policy

    TEHRAN- The governor of Central Bank of Iran (CBI) said the bank is controlling the forex market and plans to strengthen this control through a new monetary policy, IRIB reported.

  • Banking expert 2020-01-19 14:56

    Open market to stabilize liquidity: banking expert

    TEHRAN- Liquidity stabilization in the country will be the major result of launching open market operation (OMO) system in the banking system, Seyed Bahaeddin Hosseini Hashemi, a banking and monetary expert, stated.

  • CBI 2020-01-17 14:23

    CBI officially launches open market operation system

    TEHRAN - The Central Bank of Iran (CBI) officially launched an open market operation (OMO) system on Thursday, as part of its monetary policy to curb inflation, control interest rates in the interbank market and manage liquidity, IRIB reported.

  • Hemmati 2019-09-22 22:18

    CBI forms Open Market Operations executive committee

    TEHRAN – The governor of Central Bank of Iran (CBI) has officially announced the formation of an executive committee on Open Market Operations (OMO), introducing the committee members.