• A view of Narin Castle with a scenic vista of Meybod in the background 2020-11-23 10:47

    By Afshin Majlesi

    14 of the greatest castles, fortresses, and citadels in Iran

    Since antiquity, mankind has assumed the need to fortify properties to survive in an ever-changing world of invasion and conquest.Commencing from simple earthworks and wooden walls, fortifications were gradually evolved into complex, unconquerable imposing citadels.

  • A view of Rudkhan Castle in northern Iran 2020-10-06 23:01

    By Afshin Majlesi

    Rudkhan Castle: a blend of nature, history and culture       

    Iran is home to hundreds of prehistorical, ancient, and medieval castles, fortresses, and strongholds each boasting their own eye-catching architecture. One of the largest military ones, Rukhan Castle occupies an area of about 50,000 square meters.