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  • غانمی 2021-02-22 19:07

    Zarif warns Israeli attack on Iran will be suicidal

    TEHRAN – Iranian Foreign Minister warned Israel against any attack on Iran, saying that such a move would amount to “committing suicide.”

  • Martin Love 2021-01-09 18:27

    By Martin Love

    Is Biden up to the challenge of wise governance? That’s now the question…

    Donald Trump has probably done more damage to the U.S. than any president ever has, and inciting the violent raid on the Capitol in Washington in which five people died and much physical damage was done is his last destructive act and the end of his political career.

  • Back off! 2020-11-18 10:39

    Back off!

    TEHRAN – U.S. President Donald Trump has reportedly asked his aides to provide him with options for attacking Iran’s nuclear program, a move that, if made, will certainly be met with an Iranian response, according to an expert on West Asia.

  • Nuclear 2020-11-17 21:21

    Iran warns to respond to any melancholy adventure by Trump

    TEHRAN – In its first reaction to a New York Times report alleging that President Donald Trump has asked for options on attacking an Iranian nuclear site, an Iranian diplomat said the Islamic Republic is ready to use its military power to respond to any military aggression.

  • Trump 2020-01-05 15:48

    By Afshin Majlesi

    World reacts to Trump’s threat to raid Iranian culture targets as ‘a war crime’

    TEHRAN - Donald Trump’s new threat to attack 52 important targets in Iran, including cultural sites, has provoked a strong backlash worldwide, with many calling it a “war crime.”

  • dehqan 2019-05-07 21:32

    Leader aide: U.S. unable to wage military war on Iran

    TEHRAN - A military advisor to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution has said that the United States is not able to launch a military war against Iran.