• U.S. President Donald Trump 2019-04-21 14:44

    By Mohammad Ghaderi - Twitter: @ghaderi62 - Email:

    The dark fate of Trump in Yemen

    TEHRAN - The crimes of the United States are continuing in Yemen. These crimes began under President Barack Obama and Democrats in power, and continue to this day (during the Trump presidency). Recent events that took place at the U.S. Congress show that Washington plans to continue killing innocent people in Yemen and create a famine in the country.

  • Donald Trump 2019-04-17 13:34

    Trump vetoes resolution on ending U.S. involvement in Yemen war

    U.S. President Donald Trump has vetoed a congressional resolution to end American support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen, which has so far claimed thousands of innocent lives and left the impoverished nation struggling with the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world.

  • Russia, China veto U.S. push for UN action on Venezuela 2019-03-01 14:37

    Russia, China veto U.S. push for UN action on Venezuela

    Russia and China on Thursday vetoed a US push for the United Nations Security Council to call for free and fair presidential elections in Venezuela and unhindered aid access.

  • Zanganeh 2018-09-21 23:04

    Iran will veto any decision against its interests: Zanganeh

    TEHRAN – Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh said Iran will definitely veto any decision which threatens its interests.

  • UN Security Council 2018-02-27 12:05

    Russia vetoes anti-Iran UN Security Council resolution

    A UK-drafted resolution aimed at pressuring Iran over alleged weapons supplies to Yemeni fighters has failed at the UN Security Council.

  • UN 2017-12-19 12:05

    U.S. vetoes UN vote on status of al-Quds 

    A UN Security Council resolution calling for the withdrawal of Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem (al-Quds) as Israel’s capital has been backed by every council member except the U.S., which used its veto.