Wildlife in Fars Protected Areas

April 21, 1999 - 0:0
Part 14 ----There are six protected environment zones in Fars Province, the most important one of which is Bamu National Park; with its suitable vegetation located southeast of Shiraz; and its major forms of wildlife being ram, ewe, antelope, ibex, deer, leopard, partridge and yellow partridge. The second protected area is Bakhtegan located in the eastern part of the province where the two lakes of Bakhtegan and Teshk have provided the most suitable habitat for migratory birds like crane and flamingo.

The third area is highly significant as it used to provide shelter for the Persian Lion and yellow deer. this region is located between the cities of Shiraz and Kazeroun and is the venue of the two lakes of Arjan and Parishan in the central part of the region that is host to migratory birds like cranes and geese. Recently, a number of yellow deers have been released in this region across the Zagros area forests.

Still another protected area of Fars Province is Bahram-e Gur zone in the eastern part of the province which is one of the habitats of the Iranian zebra and panther. The tropical zone of Hermed in the southern part of the province consists of ram, ewe, antelope, ibex, jabiru, panther, zebra, partridge and yellow partridge, grouse and various type of migratory birds.

One of the most important birds of Bakhtegan and Bahram-e Gur regions is Bustard. It is a protected species of birds usually hunted by falcons. This bird which is of high interest in the Persian Gulf area is being extinct elsewhere except Iran. It weights about two kilograms and lives and lays eggs in the southern Iran. It looks like a she turkey.

Early spring is the best season for visiting the environmental zones of this province.