Green campaigners passing on environmental messages

September 14, 2017 - 2:18

TEHRAN — Despite the scorching hot days of summer green campaigners didn’t stop passing on environmental messages over the last but one week of the Iranian calendar month of Shahrivar (August 23- September 22).

Environmentalists and the scouts in the north-central province of Qazvin cleaned up Bahram-Abad road from trashes. It was the fifth consecutive year that the group marked the national days of cleaning up roadside recreation areas and tourist attractions (falling on September 7-8).

Environmentalist and the scouts held a memorial service dedicated to the memory of three rangers from Astara, northern Gilan province, who have been died in the line of duty. 

On the occasion of the national days of cleaning up roadside recreation areas and tourist attractions a group of environmental NGOs, rangers, the scouts, and environmentalist collaboratively cleaned up a part of the Eynak wetland, in Rasht, Gilan province.

Flamingo chicks in Bakhtegan wetland, Fars province, were saved from certain death by the help of environmental departments of the province, NGOs, and the locals. Flamingo chicks which were stranded in the briny shallow waters of Bakhtegan Lake were saved by the water transferred to the lake from the farming lands wells. 

Pol Murd, a village in Mamasani, Fars Province, was cleaned up from the garbage by the environmentalist. 

As per a request made by environmental groups Afifabad Street in Shiraz, Fars province, turned into a sidewalk for two days on September 8 and 9. As planned, two roads will turn into sidewalks every month in Shiraz. 

A Tehran-based NGO promoted using cloth bags instead of plastic bags at the bakeries and among citizens.


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