Level of Women's Managerial Posts Should Be Upgraded

June 29, 1999 - 0:0
TEHRAN -- Deputy Minister of Culture and Higher Education for Cultural and Social Affairs Hadi Khaniki on Wednesday said that it is time to upgrade the level of women's managerial posts in the higher eduction sector. He added that the measures taken in this regard should be on the basis of meritocracy. According to the Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education, Khaniki made the above remarks in a meeting with women managers and experts of the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education. He further said that, currently, the number of managerial positions filled by women in the higher education sector is not satisfactory, given the increasing number of female students at centers of higher eduction.

Khaniki further noted that women's presence at different social levels is one of the most important indicators of cultural and social progress in the country. "Under the present circumstances, the main problem is that the presence of women at different managerial levels is not proportional to the level of women's dynamism. The participants in the meeting reviewed the problems facing women at centers of higher eduction and proposed some solutions in this respect.