Environmental protection, industrial development intertwined: minister

January 17, 2017 - 18:41

TEHRAN — Protecting the environment and developing the industry are directly linked, Industry, Mining and Trade Minister Mohammadreza Ne’matzadeh said on Tuesday.

He made the remarks over a conference held on the occasion of the national day of clean air, January 18, with Department of Environment Chief Masoumeh Ebtekar and Vice President Mohammad Shariatmadari in attendance, IRNA news agency reported.

“Preserving the environment and manufacturing products with least environmental impacts possible is an obligation we owe to the environment and we are under no compulsion to do so,” Ne’matzadeh highlighted.

“Currently car manufacturer are required to maintain some 54 standards but we are planning on increasing the number to 80 to keep up with other world car manufacturing technology,” he added.

He further explained that two Iranian manufacturing companies are developing new efficient and low-emission cars in association with Germany and Austria which will be soon available in the market.

Nuclear deal brings about new era of intl. interaction on green-tech

Ebtekar, for her part, pointed out that the nuclear deal has brought about a new era of international interaction and application on green and new technologies in the country.

“Now we can enjoy considerable advantages in terms of using other countries experiences and taking foreign investment opportunities to develop green technologies in Iran,” Ebtekar noted.

“Nuclear deal has made it possible for us to make up for past mistakes and shortcomings and step towards improvement,” she added.

Air pollution is a global problem

Chief of environment further announced that according to World Health Organization one out eight deaths are caused by air pollution, adding “this would incur great loss on the governments.”

Air pollution has does not only affect developing countries and some developed countries and cities such as Madrid, London, or Paris are struggling with the issue and they all try to figure out a way out of this problem, she said, stating, “compared to past we are doing a good job in reducing air pollution; although the situation is yet to be perfect and desirable we are taking things seriously.”

Bodies, organizations must act responsibly

Many bodies and organizations are tasked with reducing air pollution and in case one neglects their responsibilities it would result in an overall delay in dealing with the problem.

“I hope Majlis (Iranian parliament) would soon pass the clean air bill so that we be able to deal with the matter properly,” she said.


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