UNEP’s Solheim offers Iran help to address dust storms

February 26, 2017 - 18:24

TEHRAN — United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) Executive Director Erik Solheim has posted two videos on his Instagram account addressing the people of Khuzestan, southwestern Iran, who have sought help for the recurrent sand and dust storms in the region.

What comes next is the transcript of videos he shared on Saturday while visiting Lake Urmia, northwest of the country, which is also suffering from environmental challenges as well.

“A big thanks to all you from the great city of Ahwaz who have written to me to alert me to the horrible sand and dust storm which hit your city last week. I couldn’t visit you this time because of I’ve long agreed to go here to Lake Urmia which also is severely hit by the phenomenon of sand and dust storms. But rest assured that I’ve used every opportunity to discuss sand and dust storms with Iranian authorities and rest also assured that Iranian authorities and the UN have agreed to do whatever we can to approve this national agenda and stop and reduce [dust storms] in the years to come.”

“And for sure I know that all you good people in Ahwaz and Khuzestan really want to know what we can do to avoid future sand and dust storms.”

“I have two suggestions: [For] one Iran manage wetland, do tree planting, manage water better than you are able to do today and I know that the government of Iran is really adamant to make sure these happen.”

“Added building a broad coalition with Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iraq [and] all those other nations who also impact upon the situation right here in Iran. And together I’m sure we can have enormous progress and thank you for all you are doing and please for sure don’t hesitate to contact us in the United Nations to suggest to us that what we can do better.”


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