Iranian online encyclopedia of birds

September 1, 2017 - 8:31

Interested in different kinds of birds living in Iran? Easily log on to and you will find yourself in a world of birds. The website provides you with taxonomy of birds as well as related news and articles.

An application is also available on the website. The free online version is updated with taxonomy, pictures and sounds of birds. 

The website has also an Instagram account, iran_birds. Opening the page, you encounter with a variety of beautiful birds and a brief description about them.

Meanwhile, you get acquainted with conservation status, scientific classification, distribution, habitat and behavior of birds living in Iran.

Ecologist Akbar Nemati launched the website in 2007. He believes that acquiring knowledge about environment and its benefits encourages people to preserve it for future generations in order to enjoy from its diversity and beauty.

“Hence, I decided to introduce a part of Iran’s wild life, namely birds, on a website… so in this case, I can take a step toward by discovering our environment,” he explained.

 Iran, home to diverse birds 

According to Iranica Encyclopedia, Iran possesses a very rich and diverse bird fauna; over 490 species are known to have occurred. 

Two main factors are responsible for this; the great range of habitats—from permanent snows to deep deserts and from lush deciduous forest in the north to palm groves and mangroves in the south—and Iran’s position at a crossroads between three major faunal regions.

Iran’s bird fauna includes a large Western Palearctic faunal element, reaching its eastern extremity in the central Alborz and Zagros mountains, and a smaller, but still marked, Eastern Palearctic element, which extends into northeastern Iran in the highlands of Khorasan. 



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