By Hanif Ghaffari

Sochi conference; Syria's transition point to a New Era

November 25, 2017 - 9:40

TEHRAN _ Sochi's meeting, which was referred to as a meeting aimed at "portraying the prospect of the region", was held in Russia. The great role of the leaders of the three countries of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Russia and Turkey should be taken into consideration in this regard. Before the Sochi conference, foreign ministers from the three countries of Iran, Russia and Turkey met in Antalya in Turkey. At the meeting, they discussed the latest developments in the country. As for the Sochi meeting in Russia and its importance, there are points that can't easily be overtaken:

First, the Sochi meeting took place after the official announcement of the defeat and destruction of ISIS in Syria and Iraq. That's why Sochi's conference is considered to be the most important meeting on Syria in recent years. In the course of other Syria-centered meetings, we saw the explicit demands of the United States and its representatives and allies, the demands which were contrary to the will of Syrian people.

 Meanwhile, Turkey, which is considered the enemy of the Syrian government and has played a significant role in strengthening the terrorist and takfiri groups over the past years, has practically represented the other dissenters of the regime of Bashar al-Assad in previous meetings. However, during the Sochi Summit, the hands of the opponents of the Syrian government were all empty. The defeat of ISIS in Syria, in spite of great investment on its survival by the West, has led to an increase in the power of the Syrian defenders in the talks.

Secondly, the approach of the Islamic Republic of Iran towards the developments in Syria has always been based on supporting Syria and respecting the will and decision of its people. Hassan Rouhani, the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran, regards the future of Syria not in the hands of the foreign powers, but in the hands of the Syrian people.

 He argued that the Islamic Republic of Iran, unlike the United States and the Zionists, is not after making tension in the region, he stated: "The bases of terrorism in Iraq and Syria have collapsed and Tehran's battle with terrorist groups in the region continues till they're all rooted out," he said.

What is certain is that due to the heavy and difficult expenses that the oppressed people of Syria have paid during the fight against ISIS and other terrorist and takfiri groups, it is now up to them to decide on the future of this country. Obviously, in this equation, the will of foreign players is respected to the extent that it's working for the completion and fulfillment of the will of the Syrian people. However, some foreign players, including the United States and its regional allies, who are also contributing to ISIS crimes and disasters in Syria, have made every effort to prevent the realization of the will of the Syrians during the post-ISIS era.

Washington and its allies must accept the fact that in the post-ISIS era, Syrians and only Syrians shoud determine their future. This is the main message of Sochi's meeting. A message that has been emphasized by our country's officials in Syria. Undoubtedly, the Sochi meeting is an entry point for official and diplomatic entrance into the post-ISIS era in Syria. As noted, the diplomatic power of countries and players must now focus on stabilizing and rebuilding Syria in the post-ISIS era and supporting the realization of the political will of the people of this country.

The third point here is about the impact of the Sochi meeting on regional developments. The message of the Iranian President advisor on the Sochi Summit should be reviewed here. Hassamodin Ashena, the president's advisor has analyzed this gathering of the Iranian, Russian and Turkish armed forces commanders. He wrote in his Telegram channel: "Through the cooperation of military and intelligence services with diplomatic sagacity and multilateral coalitions, the playing ground can be changed with strategic intelligence."

Undoubtedly, the time has come for changing the playing ground in Syria. But this change in the playing ground should be done with the will of the Syrian people and its true supporters. Obviously, in this equation, countries that have been the cause of the crimes and bloodshed in Syria and have made this country a place for bloodshed in the last six years should not be contributing. Meanwhile, countries such as the United States, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom must also be held accountable to international courts for killing Syrians by feeding ISIS forces.

The next point is about the U.S. role at the current time. At President Obama's time and then in Donald Trump presidency, both former and current U.S. presidents tried to compensate ISIS and other terrorist groups weaknesses in the diplomatic squad, but failed in this regard. Now and in the post-ISIS era, we have to watch out for Washington and its allies. Without a doubt, the United States will do its utmost to conduct diplomatic consultations on the situation in Syria to benefit its own interests in the region, although it is not directly involved in the negotiations. Therefore, it is necessary for the supporters of the Syrian people, including Iran and Russia, to be sensitive to the clear and hidden aspects of the United States' game at this time.

Abdul Bari Atawen, editor-in-chief of the independent newspaper of Election Ray al-Yawm, said that Bashar al-Assad's visit to Russia in order to hold the Sochi meeting between Russian and Syrian leaders, would be a celebration of the end of the current period and the beginning of reconstruction. Without a doubt, holding the meeting of Sochi has also accelerated this process. Sochi's meeting means Syria's transition to a new era. A period in which, while supporting the Syrian people, we must watch out for the games and conspiracies of the constant enemies of the Syrian people, especially the United States and its allies.

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