Spring rainfalls to exceed normal average: academic

February 17, 2018 - 19:43

TEHRAN – Meteorological patterns demonstrate that the country will receive appropriate amounts of rainfall in the upcoming spring and it will compensate for the lack of precipitation in autumn and winter, said the eminent meteorology professor Hossein Ardakani.

“Study of rainfall patterns shows that we will observe appropriate rain in the spring and the level of precipitation will even reach above the normal range,” Tasnim quoted Ardakani as saying on Friday. 

Ardakani, who is known as Iran’s father of meteorology, had successfully forecasted recent day’s rains and informed the meteorologist society about it earlier.

“People should not worry since future precipitation will lead to partial improvement of this [drought] status and water reservation in dams,” highlighted the professor.

Iranians generally hope that the projections of the distinguished scientists comes true but the thing is it may not.

Officials are repeatedly talking about lack of precipitation and drought in the country and call for appropriate use of water in domestic, agriculture and industry sectors.

For one, Tehran’s Governor General Mohammad Hossein Moqimi highlighted that despite of heavy snow and recent rains, the country is still facing drought and urged all people to reconsider their water consumption patterns, Khabaronline reported.

Drought and crisis management department of Iran’s Meteorological Organization issued a report on the country’s precipitation status from September 23, 2017 to February 16.

The report shows that the amount of precipitation in the country has been minus 75.2 percent compared to the long-term amounts.

All provinces, except northwestern province of Ardabil, have a minus proportion – including even northern provinces like Mazandaran and Gilan which are well-known for substantiate precipitation rate.

Even if, as the scientist said, we receive appropriate and enough rainfalls, there exists really no excuse for not changing our water consumption patterns – after all, who doesn’t know that Iran is a dry region?


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