Iran’s university entrance exam announces top scorers

August 1, 2018 - 9:26

TEHRAN - Top scorers in Konkur (the university entrance exam in Iran) were announced on Tuesday in three main groups of mathematical sciences, experimental sciences, and human sciences along with two other groups of art and foreign languages, YJC reported. 

Out of 36 top scorers, 24 are male, while all three top students in arts group are female.
Surprisingly, there is one female top scorer among 10 top students for the mathematical sciences group, unlike last year’s results, which no female has been announced in this group.
Moreover, only two female students are among the top 10 students in experimental sciences group, while females and males each held a share of five in human sciences.
None of the top scorers in experimental sciences group and foreign languages are from the city of Tehran, while 12 top students in other groups are from Tehran.
After Tehran cities of Tabriz, Bandar Abbas, Karaj and Isfahan are the areas with the highest number of top scores nationwide. 
Depending on how well the students have performed at the exam they have five days to choose the field and university they would like to choose to study and go.
Konkur is held annually in June or July in Iran and in some other countries as well. Every year the participants sit for the multiple-choice exam to vie to get the best results possible as the seats at tuition free public universities are limited. Based on the figures only 20 percent of the students would manage to win the seats at top charge-free public universities.
According to Sanjesh Organization, which is in charge of coordinating and administrating Konkur, some 1,011,825 individuals have registered for the exam, compared to the last year’s figures some 27,466 more participants have taken part in the exam this year.
This year, some 599,313 were females. In other words, women constituted 59 percent of the participants.

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