Iran inaugurates fighter jet production line

November 3, 2018 - 23:0

TEHRAN – Iran inaugurated on Saturday production line of domestically-manufactured supersonic Kowsar fighter jet.

Kowsar is an advanced fighter jet with a Close Air Support (CAS) role that has made Iran one of the few countries with the know-how of designing and manufacturing such jets equipped with 4th generation avionic and fire-control systems.

Defense Minister Amir Hatami, who participated in the ceremony, said that production of Kowsar fighter jet is a symbol of fighting the hegemony and its excessive demands.

He noted that production of the fighter jet was a big step in line with reducing effects of sanctions and boosting defense capabilities.

He added that the country will manufacture more advanced generations of the warplane in the future.

“Today, we proudly announce that we will spare no effort in defending the national security and values of the Islamic Revolution and protecting the country’s borders,” he said.

Chief of the Iranian Army Abdolrahim Mousavi, who also attended the ceremony, described production of the Kowsar fighter jet as a “valuable action” which proved that sanctions are “ineffective”.

He added that Iran has stood against sanctions determinedly.



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