Saudi Arabia’s $300 million aid to Reza Pahlavi for provoking protests in Iran

November 16, 2018 - 20:31

According to Saudi Arabia’s closest sources, recently there was a visit between Ambassador of Saudi Arabia and some senior Saudi officials with Reza Pahlavi in New York in which the son of a former Iranian king has demanded Saudis to help him in his activities against the Iranian government. Saudi Arabia has accepted the request and promised to help him if he performs some protests in the big cities of Iran.

It has been also declared that the cooperation between Reza Pahlavi and Saudi Arabia has started in 2017 after creating a violent atmosphere by the supporter of Reza Pahlavi and has been continuing by the meeting held between the two parties. However, he had claimed that he is Aryan and would not worship Arab.

Although the Saudi sources have not mentioned the amount of money given to Reza Pahlavi, some reports has been released by the UAE king counselor, George Nader, and FDD lobbyists and the U.S. secretary of state that has shown Reza Pahlavi’s success in getting $300,000,000 aid for protests and anti-government activities in Iran.

It has been reported that Pahlavi hopes to topple Iran’s Islamic government and reinstate the monarchy by the help of his friends; the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

(Source: Critics Chronicle)

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