PM Adil Abdul-Mahdi says Iraq seeking strong ties with Iran

January 14, 2019 - 12:17

Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi has underlined that his country is determined to strengthen relations with neighboring Iran.

Abdul-Mahdi made the remarks in a meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in Baghdad late on Sunday, IRNA reported.

Iraq's policy is based on establishing relations with neighboring countries, he said, adding that Baghdad is trying to have even better relations with Iran in the future. 

Expressing satisfaction over successful talks held during the recent trip of Iraqi President Barham Salih to Tehran , he said it is hoped that exchange of meetings would reinforce mutual relations.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Iraqi prime minister highlighted the determination of his people and government for maintaining the best type of ties with Iran and also taking full advantage of the existing capacities.

Zarif, for his part, extended congratulations over political achievements made by the Iraqi people.

He also underscored Iran's support for stability, national sovereignty, and democracy in Iraq.

In the meantime, Zarif reiterated Iran's continued support for establishment of a strong political system and democracy in Iraq.

Iran is ready to cement relations with Iraq in economic, political and cultural fields, he added. 

Facilitating trips by people and businessmen, creating economic and financial mechanisms for developing trade and exporting energy, building industrial towns in border areas, maintaining group cooperation to solve regional crises and exchanging views on Syria and Yemen were among other topics discussed by both sides.

Zarif, heading a politico-economic delegation, is currently in Baghdad for talks with the neighboring state’s officials.

Holding talks with high-ranking Iraqi officials, taking part in Iran-Iraq joint trade conferences in Karbala and Sulaymaniyah are also on Zarif's itinerary.

The foreign minister also addressed a gathering of representatives from hundreds of Iranian and Iraqi companies in Baghdad.

The meeting was held with the purpose of discussing opportunities for investment in Iraq, the participation of Iran’s private sector in the reconstruction of Iraq after the defeat of Daesh terrorists and enhancement of trade cooperation.

“In a secure and powerful region, dialog takes the place of war, cooperation replaces arms race and brotherly relations replace trust in foreigners,” Iran’s top diplomat told the meeting.

Zarif noted that in a strong region, all countries can trust one another and make a better future for themselves. “In this case, bilateral and multilateral relations among countries in this region would be stronger than their relations with other countries.”

The Iranian foreign minister stated that in order to achieve this goal, the Islamic Republic of Iran welcomes the expansion of cooperation with all regional countries and knows no limit for the development of relations and cooperation with Iraq.

Foreign Minister Zarif also held talks with the Iraqi president late on Monday.

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