Borjak’s art of pottery inscribed on national heritage list

January 23, 2019 - 21:44

TEHRAN – A skill of pottery-making without wheel, which is practiced in Borjak, a village in central Markazi province, has been registered on the National Intangible Cultural Heritage list.

“Potteries produced here are [indigenously] famous as ‘Do-gou-leh Borjaki’ and they are only handcrafted by females,” provincial tourism chief Qasem Kazemi said, IRNA reported.

“No potter’s wheel is used for this product and all production steps are done by hands. The raw material is all-native yet very simple hand-made tools are being utilized. No extra coats of glaze are applied… very simple decorations, like diagonal lines, are added on the surface,” the official explained.

“Do-gou-leh” or “Abgoosht” is one of traditional dishes typically served in such potteries in the region. Abgoosht is an incredibly rich stew of lamb, legumes, tomatoes and potatoes.

Last July, Persian media reported that a 75-year-old craftswoman was endeavoring to revive the old-school earthenware style in Borjak by setting up workshops.

Pinching, slabbing and coiling are amongst basic techniques that are used for making earthenware without using a potter’s wheel. Goat’s hair are usually being used in crafting the local earthenware to help boost its strength.


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