Tehran to host loan exhibit from Spanish museum

July 6, 2019 - 20:22

TEHRAN – The National Museum of Iran is set to host a loan exhibit from Spain’s Archeological Museum of Alicante (MARQ).

Over 280 selects of relics from the Archeological Museum of Alicante will go on show at the National Museum of Iran in an exhibit which will open to the public in early [Iranian month of] Mehr (starting September 23).

A delegation from the museum has recently arrived in Iran to exchange views with the National Museum of Iran over organizing the event, Mehr news agency reported on Friday.

The exhibit will be in return of a landmark Iranian exhibit titled “Iran, Cradle of Civilization” that the Spanish museum is currently playing host to. 

“Iran, the Cradle of Civilization” turns the spotlight on the earliest developments of agriculture and livestock farming from the very beginning to cuneiform clay tablets, gold beakers and ornaments, bronze weapons and beautifully painted ceramics associated with successive Iranian kingdoms. It features nearly two hundred pieces of a large span of Iranian history, starting from pre-historical era to the Islamic period.

“Iran, Cradle of Civilization” was previously on show at Drents Museum, Assen, the Netherlands, where it was well received by museumgoers from June to November 2018.

MARQ is divided into various thematic sections which provide visitors with the opportunity to enjoy an emotive journey through the local history. On entering the exhibition area, visitors are immediately submerged into the local geography of Alicante and are shown the rich and varied nature of its natural and monumental landscapes. From here the historical journey begins through the permanent galleries dedicated to Prehistory, the Iberians, the Romans, the Medieval Age and the Modern and Contemporary Historical Periods.


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