Netanyahu enormously contributing destruction of Israel to save himself

September 15, 2019 - 11:53

Hossein Amirabdollahian strongly condemned the unmeasured, threatening, and electioneering remarks of Netanyahu, the prime minister of the illegitimate Zionist regime, regarding the annexation of the Jordan Valley and an important part of the West Bank to the occupied territories as the disclosure of part of the evil schemes and intentions of the USA and the Zionists under the cover of the so-called Deal of the Century.

The secretary general of the International Conference on Supporting the Palestinian Intifada described the controversial, child-slaying prime minister of the Zionist regime as a new petty Hitler for the world who, luxuriating in support from the Trump administration and smiles of approval and money from the leaders of some oil countries, intends to push the region towards a comprehensive war in which, by his completely false reckoning, some countries would be involved while Israel would be spared under US protection.  

He went on to point out that in the event of such an illegal action by the Zionists, which would violate all international laws, the combatant nation of Palestine and the resistance will teach the Zionists a great lesson in response to their playing with fire. 

Amirabdollahian stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran strongly supports any action against the violation of the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people and the realization of their rights including the liberation of the occupied lands, the establishment of the country of Palestine throughout the historical lands, and the liberation of the holy al-Qods and calls on the international platforms, parliaments, governments, and free people in the world to go beyond issuing statements in order to maintain global peace and stability and prevent Zionist warmongering and ill-intentions. 

He emphasized that the Zionists and their prime minister must abandon their dreams and recognize that the combatants of Palestine and the region eagerly look forward to using their full power and experience from the 2006 33-day War as well as Gaza wars to teach the Zionists a historic, unforgettable lesson, and that Netanyahu is contributing massively to the early destruction of Israel to keep himself in power.

Permanent Secretariat of the International Conference on Supporting the Palestinian Intifada

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