Iranian nation will not give into pressure: party chief

September 29, 2019 - 20:51

TEHRAN - Asadollah Badamchian, secretary-general of the Islamic Coalition Party, said on Sunday that the Iranian nation will not give into sanctions pressure and will not hold talks with the United States when the country is under sanctions.

“The international negotiations have some rules and regulations. Negotiation due to sanction means giving into force and the Iranian nation will not accept that,” he said.

The party leader added, “[U.S. President Donald] Trump made efforts to meet with Iran’s President [Hassan Rouhani], however, he did not succeed. Negotiation has no meaning so long as the United States hatches plots, tightens sanctions, supports the Zionist regime of Israel and continues committing crimes in Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria and Gaza.”

Trump, who quit the 2015 nuclear deal in May 218 and announced an “economic war” against Iran, has been repeatedly calling for dialogue with Iran and even sending messages to Tehran to renegotiate the terms of the deal. 

In an interview with Fox News aired on Tuesday, Rouhani said if the U.S. administration is really seeking dialogue with Iran “it must create the needed conditions.”

Rouhani said Trump has put away trust when he was asked about a potential meeting in New York.

“If the United States of America’s government is willing to talk, it must create the needed conditions,” he insisted.

Rouhani continued, “Well, once we carried on negotiations with the United States of America for two years, and during a 17-day period, the foreign minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the U.S. Secretary of State had continuous talks without returning to their countries. It was extremely difficult, but we did reach an agreement which was signed, and it was enshrined in the United Nations Security Council resolution, and without a valid reason or cause, the United States left this agreement.”

Talking in a press conference in New York on Thursday, Rouhani urged the U.S. to quit policy of maximum pressure and pursue a policy of dialogue and logic.

“Cease this policy of maximum pressure and pursue a policy of dialogue and logic and reason,” AP quoted him as saying.

He said that moving in that direction “would be a different set of circumstances and a different atmosphere.”

According to CNN, he said, “The precondition of America is if it wishes to talk to Iran, the condition is that the sanctions and maximum pressure upon the Iranian people must be implemented and then enter into talks.”

“We say this is the wrong precondition, this must be taken off the table. The sanctions must be dissolved,” Rouhani added.


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