Iranian historical objects, artworks to go up for auction at Christie’s

October 11, 2019 - 17:57

TEHRAN – On October 24, Christie’s in London will auction 57 artworks and historical objects from Iran along with tens of counterparts from other Islamic countries and India.

The auction titled “Art of the Islamic and Indian Worlds Including Oriental Rugs and Carpets” will be offering a selection of rare and beautiful objects, paintings and manuscripts from across the Islamic and Indian worlds.

Amongst the Iranian objects are three silver and brass overlaid steel rams dating from second half 19th century, an enamelled gold qalyan bowl dating from circa 1840-50; two lacquered papier-mache mirror cases and two lacquered papier-maché pen cases (qalamdans) from the 19th century.

Highlights, according to organizers, include three royal works on paper which exemplify the virtuosity of the art of the book in 15th century Persia- two Nahj al-Faradis ‘Pathways to Heavens’ folios written in rare Uyghur text which are known for their fantastic stories and dramatic pictures; and a recently discovered Divan manuscript made for the Qaraquyunlu prince Pir Budaq.

Further important works of art include an opulent 14th century Mamluk Qur’an and 76 folios from an impressively large late 8th century Kufic Qur’an section.

The sale also features a splendid 16th century Ottoman tombak helmet and an intricate mother-of-pearl inlaid casket from Western India. Important private collections include a selection of 19th century Qajar works of art and two groups of magnificent Indian jewelled objects.

In addition, there is a fascinating selection of early classical Oriental rugs and carpets from the Safavid and Ottoman empires, including a 14th century fragment from the Mongol period and a rare 16th century Damascus ‘Chequerboard’ rug. An intriguing silk polyptych Samarkand carpet, one of only three known of this design, has a cryptic past and an imposing late 19th century Agra carpet, has jewel-like colours which echo the former grandeur of the Maharaja’s courts of the Mughal Empire.

Founded in 1766 by James Christie, Christie’s is a British auction house. Its main premises are in London and the New York City.


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