MP warns Turkish aggression against Syria will make Daesh reemerge 

October 14, 2019 - 13:52

TEHRAN – A member of Iranian parliament, Jalal Mirzayee, has said that Turkish invasion of northern Syrian will pave the ground for a revival of the terrorist Daesh group. 

“The Turkish aggression against northern Syria is unjustifiable because it is opposed to the unity of tribes in the region. The Turkish government should understand that continuation of such operation not only will not lead to restoration of durable peace and security in Turkey but also will pave the ground for revival and promotion of Daesh,” the MP predicted. 

He called on the Iranian Foreign Ministry to meddle in the issue to put an end to the military operation. 

Mirzayee went on to say that the Turkish operation in northern Syria has brought about nothing but human losses, material damage and displacement of women and children. 

Turkey launched an offensive on the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) on Wednesday. This happened despite warnings by Iran, Russia, Egypt and the European Union. The Syrian Kurdish fighters commonly referred to as SDF, were instrumental in defeating Daesh.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry issued a statement last week voicing Tehran’s strong opposition to the Turkish invasion of Syria, warning that such a move would certainly exacerbate the security situation in the region.

The ministry said Tehran was closely pursuing reports with “concern” over Turkish forces’ deployment in Syria.

The ministry further underlined that military aggression against Syria and deployment of Turkish forces in the northern part of the war-torn country would not allay Ankara’s security concerns.

Instead, the ministry warned, such a move would inflict broad human losses and material damage on Syria and its people and that is why the Islamic Republic is firmly opposed to any military operation in Syria.

“Iran is ready to mediate via holding urgent contacts with senior Turkish and Syrian officials to meet existing concerns through peaceful and diplomatic ways. Tehran believes that Syria’s integrity and national sovereignty should be respected and reiterates that the Adana Pact enjoys suitable basis for resumption of such mediating talks,” the ministry’s statement read.    


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