By Martin Love

Iran actually is managing misfortune with aplomb

November 9, 2019 - 10:44

Recent reports claim the U.S. is constructing a couple military bases or outposts in or near Syrian oil fields around Deir ez-Zor in far eastern Syria. It’s hard to imagine anything more absurd or arrogant or, for that matter, illegal. It’s not only illegal but stealing Syria’s oil is nothing but raw, in-your-face theft, and if anyone EVER thought the U.S. was in ANY foreign lands to bring good tidings, democracy, respect for human rights that includes alleged women’s rights, then this crass move ought to once and for all time rip the cover off any assertions to the contrary about what the so-called “empire’s” true intentions are.

It’s not smart from a public relations standpoint, presuming the perception of the U.S. and its allies like Israel and Saudi Arabia could sink any lower than it already has. And also consider that it may have been Trump’s son in law, Jared Kushner, who gave Muhammad ibn Salman the green light to murder journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul last year. It’s no stretch of the imagination to believe it and it is hard to fathom what they are thinking, if the Trump gangsters have ever honestly thought at all.

Earlier this autumn it appeared that Trump might be removing all U.S. troops from Syria, if not immediately then over a period of a few months. Many across the globe cheered. But after a short while Trump reversed himself, evidently too weak minded to stand up to the ridiculous criticisms about the U.S. abandoning its allies such as the Kurds and by distant extension the alliance between the Zionists and the Kurds. In fact, Syrian President Assad himself seemed to extend a hand to the Kurds, an ethnic group that never did anything positive for Syria and is despised by the Turks.

Some $30 million a month in stolen Syrian oil has two purposes, including the feeding of U.S. greed. First is the concept of a permanent U.S. presence and perhaps the establishment of some U.S. dependent political entity in eastern Syria that serves as a block to the smooth flow of commerce and contact between Iran and ally Syria, and may also be considered an intentional effort to thwart China’s Belt and Road project. In other words, an impediment to the so-called “Shi’a Crescent” and more across northern parts of the Middle East. Will it last, this thieving occupation? Mostly likely not for very long. It smells too bad. And Syria’s President Assad nailed it with his refreshing candor in an interview last month: that Trump is the “best” U.S. President in recent memory because he hides nothing, is so transparently and obviously a pawn of the Zionists and the Saudis. The Aramco IPO notwithstanding, BOTH the Saudis and the Zionists appear strong but they are not. Both are skating on the thin ice of near universal hatred.

Those Jews who became fervent Zionists last century and the illegitimate state of “Israel” have a day of reckoning ahead that will be like nothing heretofore seen. Yet even while one cannot imagine how or when it might materialize, if justice counts for anything in human history it will be visited upon these godless animals, as well as their colleagues like ISIS and al-Qaeda whom the Zionists have supported in various ways in various war theaters this century. Most Americans have no clue, but that is because of the billions spent to spread propaganda and literally buy silence if not directly threaten and stifle dissenting voices. It is the primary source of the wreckage of free speech and real democracy in the U.S. and it is happening now – “it” being the Zionist juggernaut. Thankfully, not all Jews ascribe to Zionism, for it beckons a severe retribution.

It was anyway just over a year ago that the Trump gang started what it called its “maximum pressure” campaign against Iran and its people. It was aimed at causing Iranians to spurn the government as the economy went in to a tailspin…as if it was not the U.S. causing the damage. That has been shallow thinking indeed. Tehran has neither collapsed not surrendered to the U.S. It has still suffered a lot, but there are apparently signs that the economy may be stabilizing some. The IMF and the World Bank have predicted that in 2020 Iran will rebound from a recession to near zero percent growth. Meanwhile, the Iranian currency will likely stabilize, too, and while its GDP will be about on a par with 2015, that will be sufficient for the country’s leadership to think that Iran can manage U.S. economic attacks for another year at least. And unlike Saudi Arabia, Iran’s more diversified economy is far less dependent on oil sales.

One might conclude that the Islamic Republic has so far navigated the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune with some success. Iran has neither cowered before the bully nor has it done anything particularly rash, but by its measured steps is managing well enough. Better days are ahead.

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