Visit ‘Owpart’ where jungle borders desert in Iran

November 9, 2019 - 19:31

TEHRAN – Amongst wanders of the nature is sudden climate change when you pass Iran’s northern Mazandaran province for Semnan in its south. Here the Owpart region acts like an elevated natural barrier, dividing lush jungles from the harsh, sun-scorched desert lands.

Due to the high altitude of the region, dense clouds are usually stopped in the northern slops, which is always covered with fresh vegetation but the southern side turns to yellow due to less rainfall.

Owpart is also neighboring some other attractions including Badab-e Surt that is well-known for having picturesquely trodden, limestone formations shaped throughout thousands of years by the flowing and cooling of water from hot mineral springs.

Iran is a country that sceneries could dramatically change. It is very common to hear from people living all around the world, especially the ones who have not visited the country so far, that Iran is a country with the hot and arid weather conditions. Such an attitude stems from the fact that about one-third of Iran is desert. There are two main deserts and many smaller ones in the country.

However, if you look at the map of Iran more carefully, you will understand that in addition to the deserts, about one-third of the country is mountains. There are also jungles, lakes and many rivers in different corners of the country.


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