By Martin Love

Earth’s non-human species enjoying diminished human activity

March 24, 2020 - 17:10

NORTH CAROLINA - Reports are floating around that bigwigs in the U.S. Defense Department are discomfited if not appalled by Mike Pompeo’s attempts to increase aggression towards Iran in the midst of the viral pandemic. Some voices are even saying that the assassination of General Qassim Soleimani has backfired and was a “mistake” because it has not snuffed out Iran’s capacity or willingness to respond to U.S. aggression in Iraq and Syria and elsewhere.

Pompeo’s “thinking” (if you can call it that) is that further assaults of any kind on Iran would bring Iran to the negotiating table or to its knees. One wants to laugh at this insanity…were it not so cruel and stupid.

And then one must ask, what’s there to negotiate? Iran simply wants to be left alone and not bothered by the U.S. or any other country unless that country has something positive to offer Iranians in exchange for attention. Like, for example, an end to sanctions and the resurrection of the JCPOA. Anyway, amid this viral pandemic, the U.S. actually has increased sanctions on not just Iran, but Cuba and Venezuela, too. And others! But guess what. It’s time for the world to defy U.S. sanctions.

Historians will use the actions of the Trump Administration, and especially Pompeo, to point out what must be seen as the personification of Evil. Pompeo himself may be becoming one of the worse mass murderers in history. He and his boss may ultimately be responsible for a million or more deaths in Iran, and even more altogether in other countries which have received no aid and not been offered any from the U.S. But lack of proper planning has made the U.S. unprepared for the pandemic, with hospitals in need of beds and equipment it does not have.

Trump and his administration are not just incompetent, but dishonest and immoral. There is no capacity for real leadership or empathy. A reporter last week in Washington asked Trump: “What do you say to the millions of Americans who are scared?” (given Covid 19 and the economic crash underway). Trump just insulted the reporter.

However, most of the world sees what is going on, and it would be some sort of miracle if after Covid 19 has gone into hiding and the illnesses abate that the U.S. has friends worth having anywhere.

The countries that are attempting to offer the most aid and medical assistance are China, Cuba and even Russia. Stricken Italy could not even get assistance from the E.U., of which it is a part, and are raising Chinese flags in some location in Italy – but not the flag of the E.U. And Israel is performing as it always does, abysmally: the Zionists got a shipment of 100,000 virus test kits from abroad with the help of Mossad. Of this shipment, it apparently gave 200 test kits to the 1.9 million Palestinians in Gaza and 400 kits to the three million natives in the West Bank. And the Zionists won’t lift the sieges on Gaza or the West Bank natives.

But one can say that the literary wooden stake used to kill vampires is being driven through the heart of the vampiric U.S. and some of its allies, with the viral outbreak just being the immediate catalyst of an unfolding instance of pure Karma (which sadly is creating a lot of collateral damage). Consider:

The U.S. is broke. The Federal Reserve is printing up many trillions of fiat dollar “money” to “rescue”, almost literally, ALL of the U.S. This is a Weimar event in the studied opinion of the sagest analysts. Hyperinflation can easily be the result of the death of the dollar and also U.S. power to inflict damage on other countries through sanctions.

The death of the U.S. military “empire” and the take down of its hundreds of offshore military bases may be unavoidable in the next two to five years. Where’s the money to fund a military that spends nearly a trillion dollars a year? Annual budget deficits this year and next look bound to blow out to two or three trillion dollars of faux “money”.
Real power, moral and economic and monetary, looks ready to shift to key countries like Russia, China and even in time perhaps Iran over the next decade. Saudi Arabia and even Israel appear doomed, bound to fail, not least because both countries are widely despised for their crimes against humanity and barbaric policies and arrogance.

Non-human species are getting a relative break from the aggravation of humans given the viral pandemic. Fish can be seen in the canals of Venice for the first time in decades. Rejoice!

The greatest financial bubble in history is deflating. Nothing will ever be the same again but real assets, not financial ones, will shine. Central banks have lost public confidence and the value of financial instruments, especially Western ones, is going to be reassessed by the markets like never before.

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